Ankle weight : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 27, 2020

We evaluate the models available on the market and choose the lightest ankle weights for different uses and budgets.

Ankle weights are frequently used in gyms for all types of leg and buttock workouts.

Best ankle weights 2024

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They are suitable for those who wish to intensify their workout at home because they are easy to use and can be used for various types of exercises.

In this text, we will help you to know which is the best product to buy, its composition, advantages, disadvantages…

How to choose your ankle ballast?

The main advantage of buying an ankle ballast is that it is super easy to use, affordable and can be used anywhere, by anyone, without the need for special knowledge.

The main models of ankle weights that you will find on the market are the following:

  • Fixed load
  • Variable load.

You can use the ankle weights for leg and buttock training, but they can also be used on the arms.


What is an ankle weight?

It is a very common piece of equipment found in gyms and one of the most basic materials for those working in the fitness industry.

It is a product that closes around the leg, usually with velcro, usually made of nylon, canvas, tape or EVA. They are filled to make ankle ballast and this filling can be made with the most diverse materials.

They are adjustable so that any type of person can use the ankle ballast correctly. They are attached to the ankle during exercise and are commonly used on the lower limbs, but can also be adapted to the arms.

The most common exercises with this type of equipment are :

  • Leg extension
  • Adduction
  • Kidnapping
  • Several buttock activities

What to evaluate at the time of purchase: types of ankle weights and values

Ankle weights are mainly used for a well-situated workout, trying to strengthen the legs and buttocks. They are very effective and very easy to use, so it is an ideal piece of equipment to have at home.
They can be used in many training sessions, for different members of the body. We have separated below some important information that you should consider when purchasing.

Fixed or variable load?

Basically, fixed-load ankle weights are unique options that cannot be changed and are the ones usually found in gyms. Choose one of them if you are not used to varying your training as much.

The variable models are equipped with side bags that you can add or remove ankle weights as you progress. These are more adaptable options for those who want to evolve and increase ankle weight over time and training. Not to mention that they can be used by people who have training with different loads.


Ankle weights are sold individually or in kits that include several pairs. First, consider which option is more attractive to you, as the prices are very different, but cost effectiveness is perhaps the most important factor.

Ankle ballast and the type of ankle ballast can also influence values. It’s important to consider all these factors, but be aware that you can spend very little or choose models or kits that cost around R$300.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Because they are super easy to use and very versatile, they are one of the most popular items that people can buy and train at home.

You will find several types of ankle weights on the market with a wide variety of values; they can be used by beginners in training as well as people training to become competitive, professional level athletes.

Not to mention the ease of transport. So, if you are going to do your training in a different location, such as the seaside, for example, you can transport them calmly and very easily.

You can also use it in many different sports and trainings, such as functional training and even hydrogymnastics and physiotherapy courses.

As we have already mentioned, you can use these ankle weights even in your arms, adapting some exercises at home, in case you don’t have the ideal equipment.

They work perfectly for this and are very malleable, so you can adapt the impression with your hand.

The fixed ankle weights, as their name indicates, can only be used with the specific load already present in the product. After some time, they may therefore become lighter for you and not have the same use. In addition, they adapt the exercises one muscle at a time and not a more complete workout in each exercise.

Main criteria to evaluate at the time of purchase

When it’s time for you to really decide which ankle weights you are going to buy, pay attention to some key factors to make the right choice.

These are four points you need to pay attention to that are super simple, but they can make all the difference. The ankle weight, the type of fastener, where you will use it and whether it is better to buy an ankle weight kit or ankle weights.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, we’ll explain each one to you.

Ankle weights

Ankle ballast is not something that has a right or wrong answer. It all depends on your level of training and how much you can take. Talk to your instructor and determine the ideal ankle weight to use for training.

It is of the utmost importance that you discuss this with a professional in the field and define it together to get the right orientation. Talk to see if it is more attractive to purchase a fixed or variable ankle weight.

Type of closure

The most common existing types are velcro and adhesive tape. This is where you can base your personal opinion.

Velcro is more practical, but if you feel more comfortable with tape closure, there is no problem. The only disadvantage of velcro is that over time it can get damaged and you will have to replace it.

Where to use the equipment

At this stage, the most important thing is to define if you will need the ankle ballast to be used in swimming pools for the practice of hydro gymnastics. Many people use heavy ankle weights for this physical activity.

Of course, there are models that are suitable for this purpose and that you must define before purchasing, otherwise you risk ruining your ankle ballast.

Ankle weights for water are usually made of EVA or rope, which are easier to dry.

The most common models used in dry areas are made of nylon and canvas.

Choose a kit or buy units

You will find both options on the market, to be purchased separately or some kits that come with several pairs.

If you mainly consider values, the kits end up being more tempting, as they offer more options for the prices involved. But think carefully if you are really going to use several different ankle weights, otherwise they will only take up space in your house.

If you need them for your work, for example if you are a personal trainer, you can compensate for the purchase of some kits, because in this case they will be used by different people.

What are the best ankle weights?

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Make respect the ankle ballast

Best ankle ballast of 10 kg

Brand: Enforce Fitness | Closing system: Velcro | Main benefits: Muscle strengthening | Material: Reinforced Nylon | Dimensions: 54 cm x 55 cm x 8 cm | Warranty: Against manufacturing defects | Gender: Unisex | Suitable for: | Day to day use | Origin: National

The Enforce Fitness Ankle Ballast is the best ankle ballast that weighs 10 kg. This pair of ankle weights is used and indicated by professionals. They are made of a rubberized material that offers comfort to the ankles, are varnished and do not absorb sweat, making them super easy to clean and disinfect.

Produced in black. They have reinforced seams to prevent leakage of the ankle filler. They can be used to work the muscles of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, calves and arms. The material used in the composition is reinforced nylon and offers a manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Fitness Initiative Weight Shin

Best ankle ballast of 5 kg

Brand : Fitness Initiative | Color : Black | Warranty : 3 months | Ankle weight : 5 kg | Dimensions : 30 cm x 15 cm

The Fitness Initiative Ankle Ballast is the best ankle weight, with an ankle weight of 5 kg. The pair sold by the brand Iniciativa Fitness is indicated for use at home, in gyms and even in physiotherapy clinics. The ankle bracelet is made in a very resistant knitted hood with a lead powder filling and a locking by two hook bands.

This provides greater security for the user.

Fitness Initiative Weight Anklet

Best ankle ballast of 3 kg

Brand : Fitness Initiative | Color : Black | Warranty : 3 months | Ankle weight : 3 kg | Approximate dimensions : 30 cm x 15 cm

The Fitness Initiative ankle bracelet is the best ankle weight of 3 kg. Made in a hood, which is a super strong mesh and the filling is made with lead powder, in addition to having two quality hook strips that lock, providing security to the user.

You can use this ankle ballast at home, in physiotherapy clinics or in gyms. It is especially indicated for beginners who are starting to take ankle weights.

Fitness Initiative Weight Shin Guard

Best ankle ballast of 2 kg

Brand : Fitness Initiative | Color : Black | Warranty : 3 months | Ankle weight : 2 kg | Approximate dimensions : 30 cm x 15 cm

The Fitness Initiative Ankle Ballast is the best ankle weight of 2 kg. A great ankle ballast for you to use wherever you prefer, because it is super easy to carry, not to mention the fact that, because it is lightweight, it can be used by everyone, regardless of their level of training.

It is designed for lower limb training and offers wonderful results. Hooded ankle support, a resistant mesh, with lead powder filling and locking in two hook strips.

Fitness Initiative Ankle Bracelet Kit

Best ankle ballast kit

Brand : Fitness Initiative | Color : Black | Warranty : 3 months | Ankle weights : 1 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg | Approximate dimensions : 30 cm x 15 cm

The Fitness Initiative Ankle Bracelet Kit is the best shin protection kit available. The kit consists of a pair of 1 kg ankle bracelets, a pair of 3 kg ankle bracelets and a pair of 5 kg ankle bracelets. All ankle weights can be used at home, in a gym or other suitable environment.

They are designed to train the lower limbs and provide effective results. All three are manufactured in a hood, a sturdy mesh with a lead powder filling and a Velcro closure.

Fitness Initiative Ankle Ballast Kit

Leg kit and mattress

Brand: Fitness Initiative | Color: Multicolor | Mattress size: 100 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm (CxWxA) | Ankle weights material: Capon with lead powder filling

The Fitness Initiative’s Mattress and Leg Kit is an ankle ballast and mattress case kit. They include a professional mattress, a pair of 3 kg ankle bracelets and a pair of 5 kg ankle bracelets. This is a perfect kit to allow you to perform all your exercises in the comfort of your home.

This equipment allows you to perform several different exercises with excellent results. The elements that make up this kit offer greater comfort, easy handling, avoid direct contact with the ground, allow you to do several types of exercises with the same equipment, maintenance is easy and always comes with different ankle ballast options, and can increase the intensity of the workout.

The mattress is made with Courvin material, 80 density agglomerated foam, professional quality and with reinforced seams.



Knowing more about the main characteristics of ankle weights will certainly make you feel better able to choose the best option for you.

Don’t forget to take into account the information we’ve provided in this buying guide to choose the model that best suits your needs, but to conclude, we’ll give you some final valuable advice if you still have doubts about which model to choose.

As we discussed in the article, ankle weights vary depending on your workouts.

So if you’re already at a more advanced level, it’s a good idea to opt for a 10kg ankle weight like Enforce Fitness.

Similarly, if you are in more intermediate levels, we recommend that you choose a 5kg or 3kg model such as the 5kg Fitness Initiative or the 5kg Fitness Initiative.

If you are a beginner in these exercises, choose the 2kg Fitness Initiative to avoid overloading your ankle weights and eventually damaging your muscles.

The ankle fitness kit is also a good option if you want to buy a complete item to use in your gym or for more people, but if you want something even more complete, we recommend the ankle fitness kit with mattress.