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On December 15, 2020

To choose one of the best digital weight scales, it is necessary to know certain characteristics such as its accuracy, maximum capacity and dimensions.

Best digital weight scales of 2024.

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Whichever method you choose, the digital weight scale is essential to monitor your weight loss. More accurate than analog, more practical and in many cases intelligent, it is a great ally for those seeking a healthier life. And today, everyone can have one at home!

But how do you choose the best digital weight scale? What are its main features? And what are the best digital weight scales in 2024?


Buying guide: how to choose the digital weight scale that suits you best?

To choose the best digital weight scale, you need to keep an eye on certain features.

Level of Accuracy

Accuracy is the main factor to consider when measuring your weight, because you want to know exactly how much you weigh. Therefore, always look for the minimum accuracy of the scale at the time of purchase.

The best digital weight scales usually have an accuracy of 0.1 kg (100 grams), which is already more than enough to keep track of your weight. Some scales may have a lower accuracy, 0.3 kg or even 0.5 kg. They are not recommended for accurate monitoring, but are nonetheless useful for assessing the trend of your weight change.

Maximum supported weight

There’s not much point in having a good scale if you can’t carry your weight, is there? Fortunately, most digital scales can carry loads of 120 kg or more, which is enough for most people.

Still, if you are overweight or want to gain a lot of weight (remember that muscles weigh a lot), it is important to pay special attention to this feature.


The most common digital weight scales are generally in the same range, which is about 30 x 30 cm. This is a reasonable value for most people, as it provides a large enough area for the feet to be comfortable on the platform.

However, depending on the space available in your environment, you may want a different size, either for aesthetic or practical reasons. Therefore, also check the size of your scale before you buy it.


This is a characteristic that is not necessary for most people, but cannot be ignored. Although they are practical and robust, even the best digital weight scales can be damaged if they are transported too often from one place to another.

For people who travel a lot or for some other reason have to take the scale with them, this is a problem. Fortunately, there are digital weight travel scales available that have higher strength and smaller dimensions for ease of transport.

Additional functions

Some digital weight scales are capable of doing much more than just measuring their weight. Especially in the case of impedance scales, which are capable of measuring body composition and determining in detail the amount of fat and muscle in the body.

However, these scales are generally much more expensive than regular digital weight scales and may not be exactly what you are looking for.

What are the best digital weight scales?

You already know the key features you need to consider when choosing the digital weight scale that’s right for you.

Now, how about taking a look at our product selection? We’ve selected them so you can start your search.

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1. Omron HN-289-LA

Best digital weight scale

If what you’re looking for is the best digital weight scale, you’ve come to the right place. Omron HN-289-LA is durable, accurate and convenient – everything you need to monitor your weight at the frequency you want without complications.

The scale measures approximately 30 x 30 cm and is easy to store. Its high-strength tempered glass provides safety and durability, and the base is also designed for maximum stability and accuracy.

One of the key points of the Omron 289 is precisely the precision, which detects variations of 0.1 kg. This means that even if you haven’t gained or lost that much weight, the variation will be perceptible and will give you an idea of how the diet is going. In addition, the scale has excellent consistency, which is more than necessary for those who measure frequently.

This scale is one of Amazon’s top rated scales, with over 1000 5-star ratings. Considering the above mentioned features, low price and ratings, we have put the Omron HN-289-LA on our list as the best digital weight scale of 2024.

2. G-Tech Balgl 10

Best cost-benefit ratio

One of today’s most popular scales, G-Tech Balgl 10 is the best digital weight scale for those who want quality without having to spend a lot of money. Features such as a large display, weighing consistency and durability make it an excellent product.

The G-Tech Balgl 10 is composed of 4 high precision load cells and an 8 mm tempered glass plate, which guarantees great durability. Unlike many scales in this price range, its load cells are extremely consistent, always displaying the correct measurement.

It also has the best features in terms of practicality: a large display for easy reading, a touch trigger and automatic shut-off. Its maximum capacity is 150 kg, which makes it ideal for most people.

This product has received hundreds of positive evaluations, being one of Amazon’s best-selling products. Buyers praise the consistency of the measurements, as well as the excellent durability of the product. As a result, given the extremely affordable price, G-Tech Balgl 10 makes the list as the best digital bathroom scale in terms of cost-effectiveness.

3. Speed BAL150BAT

The most convenient digital weight scale

If you have no time to lose, the Cadence BAL150BAT is the best digital weight scale for you. Thanks to an immediate and precise weighing system, you will get your results in seconds without having to do anything else but climb on the scale.

The scale is equipped with a 6 mm thick tempered glass plate, which gives it strength and durability up to 150 kg. Its 4 pressure sensors accurately capture your weight, which is displayed on an LCD screen for quick viewing.

What makes the scale stand out is its practicality: just put your foot on the glass and the result is immediately visible. What’s more, it’s smart: when it detects a new weighing, the scale resets itself automatically, and has a low battery and overload alert.

Because it is fast and accurate, the scale is interesting both for those who want to use it at home and for those who want to put it in a public place to be used by several people. As it is the best digital weight scale in this sense and it has very good marks, it is included in our list.

4. Proctor-Silex HB

A more discreet digital weight scale

If you are concerned about the effect of the scale on the appearance of the environment, don’t worry! Compact and unobtrusive, Proctor-Silex HB is the best scale for you, with state-of-the-art technology and a stylish design that fits into any environment.

The HB digital scale is made of the highest quality material and is extremely robust. It also features a tempered glass layer for added safety, which ensures much longer durability.

With a capacity of 150 kg, the scale is equipped with 4 high-precision weight sensors so that the measurement is always the best possible. It is also equipped with a backlit display to make it easy to view the numbers, even in the dark.

The HB has dimensions of 30 x 30 x 2.5 cm, making it very compact and easy to store. Adding all this to the excellent ratings, it can be said that the Proctor-Silex HB is the best digital scale for those who want a discreet and easy to store device.

5. Omron HBF514C

Best balance impedance meter

For those who want a more complete measurement, Omron’s HBF514C is an excellent choice. Durable, smart and easy to use, it is the best impedance meter 2024, with memory functions and options for multiple users.

Omron has a robust construction that supports up to 150 kg. It can measure up to 7 body indicators such as weight, body composition (bio-impedance), BMI and visceral fat, which is ideal for those who want a more rigorous control of their diet.

In addition to all this, Omron also has a memory for up to 4 users, making it an excellent choice for couples and families who want a healthier life or for professionals working in the field of nutrition or physical training.

The product has received excellent ratings and users praise its durability, multiplicity of functions and ease of use. So if you need a more complete scale, stay with Omron’s HBF514C – the best impedance meter scale in 2024.

6. Travel NewlineNY 700 Series

Best digital weight travel scale

NewlineNY 700 Travel is the best digital weight scale for those who are always on the move or cannot neglect weight even when traveling. With superior strength and compact size, it fits in any suitcase and follows you everywhere.

The 700 Travel is extremely compact, with dimensions of approximately 31 x 16 cm. Its 6 mm thick tempered glass platform withstands 180 kg and gives you the strength and durability you need to transport it without fear.

Its accuracy is 0.1 kg, which means it is excellent for monitoring even the smallest weight variations. With step-on technology, just press the button and the result is immediate. In addition, it has an automatic shut-off device and a low battery indicator, so you’ll never be caught off guard.

The ratings for this product are excellent, with users mainly praising the lightness (only 600g) and strength of the scale. So we couldn’t help but make the NewlineNY 700 the best digital weight scale for those who love to travel.


Never lose sight of the weight again!

In this article, you have been able to understand some of the main factors to consider when buying the best digital weight scale.

Some of them, such as accuracy, maximum supported weight and dimensions, are extremely important; while the issue of portability and extra features is useful for more specific cases.

To make sure you have chosen the best digital weight scale for you, be sure to visit each product page. There you will find reviews from those who have already purchased and more information about the scale, the manufacturer and the seller.