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On November 13, 2020

Are you looking for the best weight bench to set up a small gym at home and keep in shape? Then this article is for you. Follow the Musklor recommendations and learn everything you need to know to set up a real home gym, starting with a good weight bench!

If you want to buy the best in the field of the best weight bench, we have some advice for you. If you want to get in shape at home by lifting cast iron, dumbbells and other weights, Musklor has prepared a series of tips and comparisons to help you better understand how to choose the best equipment. We have made a selection of weight benches so that you can start your workout without leaving home.

Best weight benches 2024

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What is the best bodybuilding bench to use in your home?

Even a simple and inexpensive bench is a good purchase for any indoor gym, but for those looking for a quality bench, it’s worth investing in something a little better.

That’s why we prefer benches that are very solidly built and can be adjusted, preferably in four main positions for tilt and declination exercises.

Ideally, they should have a maximum load of approximately 260 kg, including the user. This means that a person of average weight can move to very high weights without overloading the seat structure.

Some models are so robust that they are able to give up their roof before something happens to the seat.

Some have a built-in support to store the weights and are foldable for easy storage, as well as very thick padding and very good workmanship. Values can also vary considerably.


How to choose a good weight bench?

It is amazing to see the exercises and fitness that can be achieved with a good set of weights and a proper gym bench.

We have included instructions here for all kinds of people and pockets as well, including a buying guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Home gym benches come in all shapes and sizes, with prices varying depending on the amount of resources and quality of construction.

There are some very inexpensive seats on the market, but these will of course be simpler models, which usually consist of a fully upholstered pillow on top and a pair of legs, which are often fragile.

In this case, the stability may not be good and there may be a lack and adjustment that prevents certain exercises from being performed properly.

For those who like to lift a lot of weight, it is a good idea to be careful because if they are very fragile structures, they can end up making the practice difficult and dangerous.

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Models that cost a little more offer additional advantages, such as space to store weights when not in use, a support that makes it much easier to support with a bar and a good adjustment range that opens up many exercise possibilities.

So buyers should keep your needs, goals and level of experience in mind. Are you a beginner in weightlifting or do you already have experience in this field? In addition to the size of the space you will have available to place the seat, a folding option is ideal for smaller locations and, of course, you can’t help but think about the budget.

Beginners in weightlifting can probably afford to look at cheaper models, but it is important to always pay attention to the quality of construction, adaptability and other factors that are more difficult to find when the price is too low.

People with more experience in weightlifting, or who have been at the gym for a long time, will want to spend a little extra to make sure they have something that fits their purpose and lasts a long time.

At the time of purchase, choose between the straight or adjustable seat model. Check the load capacity, seat width and accessories that complement the training.


What is a fitness bench?

As its name suggests, it is a bench designed to allow you to practice certain gymnastic exercises, such as back decubitus and other developments. It is also known as a bench bench press, specially designed for weightlifting exercises. In general, gymnastics benches have certain aspects in common.

Support structure in the bar next to the bench. In the simplest models, there are two parallel inclined rods, of different sizes, to be used with a bar.

Ideal length allowing to be completely straight and with a correct posture, avoiding any kind of false effort that can cause damage to the back.

Adjustment of inclination and height. This article is offered by several models, but not all of them have one. They are more complete and allow to practice three types of supination, straight, inclined and declined.

Types of weight benches

The most common types of weight benches are the straight model and the adjustable model. See a little more on each of them.


Ergonomic mats

Requests for high level exercises
Watches for monitoring physical activities
Right bank

This is the simplest model, offering the most basic exercise options. Perfectly suited for beginners, you will always find this model in gyms.

It’s less expensive than the adjustable option, so if you’re starting your workout at home and want an affordable option, this is the perfect choice. Only invest in a model other than the straight line when you are more advanced and lifting more weight in the workouts.


Adjustable Bench

The adjustable (or tilting) model is much more complete and offers the possibility to perform several more complex exercises. The value is higher, but if you are making progress in the training, it is worth it. The main differential is that it is possible to adjust the height of the backrest, allowing you to do exercises with the seat upright, 90º, reclined and declined.

You can decide for yourself which angulation you prefer. We indicate this model for people who are already accustomed to doing regular exercises, so it is worth investing a little more for a more complete equipment.


What is the best bodybuilding bench?

Discover now our selection of bodybuilding benches that you can buy and use at home.

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Muscle Bench Kikos Bak-80

Best exercise bench

Brand: Kikos | Color: Black | Size: Single | Classification: Residential | Gender: Unisex | Training Type: Strength | Composition: Reinforced steel structure | Dimensions: 115 cm x 133 cm x 146 cm (LxWxH) | Warranty: 3 months against manufacturing defects

This training seat has an electrostatic powder coating, a padded and coated seat and rounded edges, which helps prevent accidents. It comes with a lifting bar, a high handle, two 6.8 kg washers and two 11.3 kg washers made of plastic-coated cement.

It is recommended to place the device on a flat surface, do not wet it or leave it in an open space that could damage it. Use only appropriate clothing, avoiding very loose clothing that could get caught in the unit. Read the manual before you start using the unit.

The unit is indicated for activities that strengthen the shoulders, arms and abdomen. If you have any problems with your equipment, you can contact the support which is very responsive. The dimensions of the product are as follows: 115 cm high, 133 cm wide and 146 cm deep. The weight of the equipment is 26 kg.


Multicolored LiveUp Bench

The best cheap bodybuilding bench

Brand: LiveUp | Size: Single | Sports: Pilates, fitness, physiotherapy | Color: Multicolor | Width: 110 cm | Length: 31 cm | Height: 22 cm (can reach 37 cm)

The LiveUp Sports exercise platform is a portable exercise system that can be used for dynamic and muscular training and can be fully adjusted. It has up to 16 configuration modes, allowing the choice according to the user’s resistance. All this leaves an ideal platform for professional and home use. The smaller frame is ideal for low-impact exercises, which beginners can use with peace of mind.

To increase the intensity, the legs can be extended, leaving a 355 mm platform. Internal space storage is possible. It is non-slip, minimizing the risk of injury, and supports up to 115 kg. It is dynamic, you can practice strengthening and even stretching. *Remember that cleaning should only be done with a damp cloth.

It comes with a high intensity elastic extender that can be attached for other exercise options. It is indicated to improve your physical condition, tone muscles, improve motor coordination and balance, increase joint mobility, stimulate the circulatory system and blood oxygenation, relieve chronic pain, muscle tension and stress, increase physical and mental stamina, improve self-esteem and reduce fatigue, discomfort and pain.


Kikos Br-21 Straight Bench

Bench with fixed backrest

Brand: Kikos | Color: Black | Size: Single | Classification: Residential | Weight: 10 kg | Dimensions: 116 cm x 11 cm x 17 cm (LxHxW) | Training type: Strength

Padded exercise seat that provides comfort and prevents injury, with electrostatic powder coating and rounded edges. Recommended for use in condominium gyms, gyms and at home as well. The maximum weight supported by the model is 130 kg. It allows you to perform several physical exercises such as abdominals and others.

It is a basic equipment and ideal for the practice of several exercises. This way, you will have the convenience of being able to do everything at home, do abs and much more.


Multi Step Deck Starke Bank

Inclined weight bench

Brand: Starke | Name: Multi Step Deck | Sex: Unisex | Indicated for : Formation

This seat has a height and backrest adjustment and allows you to practice several exercises. The surface is non-slip to increase safety and can be used with tension bands. The indicated use is both residential and in gymnasiums. It is light and compact for easy transport and resistant, especially indicated for aerobic exercises.

It has a compartment for the storage of accessories. It has 4 levels of adjustment of the inclination of the support. Comes with a safety lock and the height can go from 21 cm to 37 cm. With non-slip rubber feet made of rigid polypropylene. The maximum weight supported is 150 kg. Material 100% recyclable.


Sport seat Straight Ahead

Discounted bodybuilding training for fixed benches

Brand: Ahead Sports | Size: One Size Only | Color: Black | Composition: Leather | Weight: 11.1 kg | Dimensions: 114 cm x 35 cm x 13.5 cm | Warranty: 3 months

The Ahead Sports seat is made of a comfortable, strong and durable material. It is ideal for practicing a variety of physical exercises, including abdominal exercises. It is non-slip in its base, to avoid slipping and offer greater safety to the user. Its composition is made of leather, which facilitates the cleaning time.


Supino Sports Bench

Adjustable and inexpensive bodybuilding bench

Brand: Sport and Camping | Color: Black | Size: Single | Name: Supino Bank with 1 bar | Sex: Unisex | Indicated for : Formation :

This recumbent trainer is ideal for training and strengthening the abdomen, upper, lower and lateral limbs, stretching the spine and helping with posture. If you stick to it, you can achieve excellent results and reach your goals. It is practical, compact and easy to store. The maximum weight supported is 100 kg.

Made of 1020 carbon steel tubing with electrostatic paint, wooden seat, 12 mm MDF backrest with D22 foam and covered with Bagum fabric. Product easy to assemble, clean and store. You will have all the quality of a gym workout inside your home, so you can do it at the time you prefer.

weight bench Musklor


Now that you know more about the equipment available on the market, you will certainly have the right model. Before you buy, check out the main points we highlight. Leave here the model you have chosen, we want to know more about your tastes.