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Fitness shoes : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 30, 2020

The best fitness shoes vary from person to person. There are several important criteria to consider depending on the activity you choose.

Fitness halls have always been popular. This is largely due to the fact that today’s generation is more and more concerned about their health and fitness.

The best fitness shoes in 2024

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And to follow you to the gym, there’s one thing you can’t do without: shoes. They improve your performance and ensure your safety by reducing the risk of injury, torsion, etc. That’s why the market for fitness shoes is growing rapidly.

But how do you choose the best fitness shoes? Answer: It depends. Because it is not such a simple question, we have prepared a special article on this subject. You will find out which are the best fitness shoes in 2024.

Buying guide: How to choose the best fitness shoes?

Although the aesthetic part is important, the best fitness shoes are not always the most beautiful. There are many factors that affect the performance of the user and are important not only for comfort, but also for your own safety.

To choose the best tennis shoe for your case, pay attention to the following characteristics:


The shoe’s cushioning system is one of the most important features of footwear, as it has the potential to improve performance while reducing the risk of injury and other types of lesions.

When it comes to high-impact activities, such as running, gymnastics or zombie, it is interesting to note that the shock absorber has a good energy return capacity. This feature ensures that part of the movement returns to the feet, which increases momentum and improves performance.

Now, if the goal is to practice more static activities, which require more resistance than agility, the ideal is to wear shoes with some cushioning and little energy return. In this way, they avoid possible imbalances and give more stability to the wearer in activities such as crossfit and weightlifting.


Stability is another very important factor in defining the best fitness shoes. One of the factors that affects it is the intensity of performance, as mentioned above: the lower the performance, the greater the stability.

But there is another element of the shoe that affects stability, and that is the sole: a well-designed sole with quality material is able to provide a stable base for the user. Thus, in addition to improving training performance. You avoid injuries and torsion.


The breathability of tennis shoes is strongly linked to the material of the leather. It is important mainly for two reasons: to regulate the temperature of the feet and to keep them as moist as possible. Otherwise, the wearer will suffer from the appearance of bacteria that cause a bad smell and may even develop a cold.

To avoid this, look for materials that allow a good exchange of air with the outside environment. In this sense, the best materials are open wefts, which are ideal for gymnastics and buzz because they are also lighter and more flexible.


It is common in gyms to find posters with the words: “No pain, no gain”. While this is true for many, many things, it does not mean that you should feel unnecessary pain. So choose a comfortable sports shoe.

Ideally, the shoe should have a good quality lining that doesn’t injure your feet with the friction caused by physical activity. In addition, it is extremely important that the shoes respect the shape of your feet so that they are not too tight or too loose and reduce unnecessary friction.


What’s the point of having an incredible sneaker if it has to be replaced soon? Especially in the case of fitness and gym shoes, it is essential that the shoes have excellent durability so that you can give as much as you can without worrying.

To ensure this, an interesting tip is to buy from credible brands. Nike, Mizuno and Olympikus, for example, are giants in the world of sporting goods, and no wonder: their products are effective and durable. If you have any doubts about a particular brand, you can do a survey or consult customer reviews.

What are the best fitness shoes?

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1. Metcon 2 without Nike

Best fitness shoes

The Nike Free Metcon 2 is the best men’s fitness shoe of the year 2024. With all the quality of the giant Nike, this shoe has all the technology necessary to be versatile and effective in a wide variety of sports and physical activities.

Made of textile leather, the sneaker features a padded tongue that not only provides an excellent fit, but also exceptional comfort. The midsole is made of top quality foam and benefits from exclusive Nike Free technology, which provides superior cushioning through air movement inside the sole and allows the user to take light, natural steps.

The high quality rubber outsole has strategically designed grooves for greater flexibility and durability. The material is different in each section of the sole, allowing for maximum efficiency in terms of performance and cushioning for each part of the foot.

It’s no surprise that this sneaker is so highly rated, plus Nike’s cutting-edge technology puts it at the top of our list of the best fitness shoes for men.

2. Mizuno Wave Sky 3

Best women’s fitness shoes

For women, we have the incredible Mizuno Wave Sky 3, the most comfortable shoe of the brand. With XPOP technology and all the quality of this great sports brand, these are for sure the best fitness shoes for women.

The leather of Wave Sky 3 is made of Airmesh, an open weave fabric that facilitates the ventilation of your feet. The design uses the Dynamotion Fit concept, which ensures a fluid movement, more comfort and reduced friction of the fabric with the feet, making movements lighter and more natural.

The insole features SmoothRide technology, which divides the sole into sections and uses softer materials in the areas of greatest impact. The design also provides better balance and posture, while the high quality material provides durability for the most intense workouts.

This product has excellent ratings and is no less: it is a front-line shoe for those who want the maximum in performance and durability. That’s why Mizuno Wave Sky 3 ranks second on our list of the best fitness shoes for women.

3. Tennis in Commit TR armor

The best cost-benefit ratio for men

If you are looking for a cheap shoe, but without giving up quality, we have what you are looking for: Under Armour Commit TR. In addition to being stylish and featuring exclusive energy return technology, tennis is available at an excellent price, making it the best fitness footwear in terms of cost-benefit ratio.

The sole of Under Armour Commit TR is made of vulcanized rubber, which gives it much greater strength and durability. It features Charged Cushioning technology, which captures some of the energy of the movement and returns it to the user through propulsion, thus potentiating the stride.

The leather of this beautiful shoe is made of leather, which increases its lifespan and gives greater stability to the movements. The 4D foam palm adapts perfectly to the user’s feet, providing superior cushioning and making workouts much more comfortable.

Amazon is full of good reviews for this product, which is highly recommended by the buyers themselves for gymnastic activities such as weightlifting, precisely because of the excellent sole. All this gives tennis its place in our list as the best men’s fitness shoe if you consider the cost-benefit ratio.

4. The glory of the Tennis Olympiad

The best cost-benefit ratio for women

Another women’s tennis game, the Olympikus Fame is an inexpensive option for great performance in any activity. As far as the cost-benefit ratio is concerned, it is certainly the best fitness shoe for women.

These shoes are made of jacquard leather with elastane, which ensures the flexibility you need, combined with excellent ventilation and much greater comfort during training. In addition, the fabric is extremely durable and easy to wash, which will make your life much more convenient.

The rubber sole is designed to provide maximum performance at all times. The EVA insole is equipped with EVASense technology, which guarantees a soft and much more comfortable sole for the user.

The Olympikus FAME Women’s is a shoe that can combine comfort, style and performance, without having to compromise on the sneakers of other lines. And since it’s all at an excellent price, it’s easy to see why it’s on our list: in terms of cost-benefit ratio, the Olympikus FAME is the best fitness shoe for women.

5. Crossfit Everlast Climber II

Cheap option

If you can’t spend too much on fitness shoes, don’t worry: we have something especially for you. It’s the Crossfit Everlast Climber II, which is perfect for gym, crossfit and many other activities that demand the most from you, making it the best fitness shoes in this price range.

The Everlast Climber II is made of synthetic leather and open fabric, which ensures excellent ventilation and keeps your feet always airy. The textile inner lining is padded, which ensures much greater comfort for any activity.

The insole of this shoe is made of high quality EVA, being flexible and removable. The sole is made of a high performance rubber, made to last a long time and with a design that increases traction during training.

The product has been well evaluated at Amazon and this is not a surprise, since it owes nothing to the sneakers of the big brands. For all these reasons, we put it on the list of the best fitness shoes when you can’t spend too much.


Now you know what to keep in mind when buying your fitness shoes, in addition to our personal recommendations. Keep in mind that the best fitness shoes depend on the activity you are doing, and what is right for one person may not necessarily be right for another.