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Fitness mat : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 27, 2020

Today, the subject of our article is an element that can be used for various activities and exercises: the floor mat. You can sleep on it, use it to rest, play and for your physical activities, from weight training to yoga, it is a very useful accessory and not expensive to have at home.

Best floor mat 2024

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The variety of models on the market can make it difficult to choose and purchase a fitness mat. That’s why we have written this text to help you find the right floor mat that best suits your needs.

With a good floor mat at home, you will be able to do a lot of physical activities, which will save you time. But you can also take it wherever you want, including your gym.

At the time of purchase, it is important to pay attention to certain points for each use. The main thing to take into account in the choice is obviously comfort. And for this, you have to pay attention to density, size and several other factors.


What is a floor mat?

A floor mat, as the name suggests, is a floor mat that is less than 12 cm thick. It is quite common in physical activities in gyms. They are made with very low density foam, which allows you to carry them where you need them.

The most modern ones are already made with high density foam, even of low thickness, used in the practice of intense exercises. The floor covering is made of an easy-to-clean and, in most cases, waterproof fabric.

The main purpose of the floor mat is to provide a comfortable surface that protects your spine and provides thermal insulation so that you do not have direct contact with the floor. It is mainly used for activities such as abdominal exercises, stretching, gymnastics, yoga, pilates and martial arts.

Important factors

They must be functional, practical and resistant to allow you to practice your exercises without injury. The specific floor mat for physical exercises is made of a different material from the others, as the density of the foam and the thickness are also different. To help you understand the differences, we will explain everything here.

The types of floor mats that you will find on the market are sport, acupressure, inflatable and yoga mats. In this last option, to be a good floor mat, it must be non-slip, stick to the floor and allow you to glide smoothly in your movements. You must pay a lot of attention to the components in the manufacture of a floor mat, as they will determine its durability.

How to choose your floor mat?

Certain criteria are very important so that you can choose a quality floor mat that is ideal for what you need. In addition to quality, it must offer what is necessary for the use you will make of it.

There is more than one type of floor mat and it is important to pay attention to this when you buy. It is important to know that the floor mat used in the gym will have a different density than a camp mat, for example.
Think about comfort first, it’s the basis for everyone. It is not necessary to look for the most expensive and the most provided foam, it is enough to be aware of the essential factors. Just don’t choose very difficult ones, because they can cause pain and last very little. This makes your search useless.

To avoid mistakes and headaches, pay attention to the following factors: the usefulness of the product must be clear (because there are several types of floor mats); pay attention to the adhesion of the product, which must be good; consider whether it should be waterproof; pay attention to the density of the floor mat; and don’t forget to see the size you need for your floor mat.

Factors to consider

So that you can practice all your exercises at home with your floor mat, or even take it to your camps, we will teach you how to analyze the most important factors to buy. Always pay attention to grip, type, materials, portability and size.


This is one of the key factors, especially in physical activity patterns. Because when you exercise, it’s important that it’s stable, to keep you from slipping. Make sure it is also non-slip.


Of course, in order for you to choose the ideal floor mat for the right activity, it is essential that you take care of its type, each one being intended for a specific activity. So that you can better understand each of them, let’s explain.

  • To practice yoga, but you’re a beginner, choose a yoga mat with posture marks
  • If you are at a more advanced level, choose a good and common yoga mat.
  • To treat back, shoulder and neck pain, an acupressure mat
  • To do exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and others, a special floor mat for sports exercises
  • For a versatile bed that allows you to rest during mountaineering or camping activities, choose an inflatable floor mat.


Pay particular attention to the material your floor mat is made of, it will determine the durability of the product, the ease of use and the rate of skin contact. If you buy an acupressure floor mat, choose a hypoallergenic floor mat. The material should also be easy to clean.


You must have a floor mat that is easy to transport. Buy a sturdy model that is lightweight and convenient to carry everywhere. In the case of inflatable models, they are naturally portable because they are made for camping.


The length and width of most floor mats are very similar. When we talk about the size of the floor mat, we are referring to the thickness, knowing what it is, you can see how much weight you can put on it.

What is the best floor mat?

Now that you know all the important features at the time of purchase, it’s time to decide which model is best for you. Below we have selected some of the best exercise mats for you to choose from.

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Mattress Fitness Initiative

Best floor mat

Brand: Fitness Initiative | Color: Black | Size: Single | Sex: Unisex | Indicated for : Professional and occasional use | Size : 100 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm (CxWxA)

The Fitness Initiative floor mat is the best floor mat for the academic world. It has been developed to be used in any type of training, even the heaviest, and is perfect for abdominal, stretching and localized exercises. It provides more comfort, avoids direct body contact with the floor and is easy to handle.

This line of floor mats is professional, guaranteeing superior quality with special materials and finishes, in addition to the excellent density of the foam. It has a special agglomerated foam with a density of 80, unlike many others on the market where foam remains are used.

The foam is soft, but does not become too much, everything is in the right measure to ensure that your training is the best and ensures a better use. Made with Courvin material, professional quality foam and reinforced seams.

Muvin Cnf-300 foam floor mats

Most cost effective floor mats

Brand : Muvin | Color : Blue | Size : 95 cm x 55 cm x 3 cm | Material : Foam, PVC, PU | Season : All climates | Sports : Fitness exercises

The Muvin Foam Cnf-300 floor mat is the best cost-benefit ratio. It is light, flexible, non-toxic and washable. Made of polyurethane foam. With a density of 18, it is perfect for abdominals, buttock exercises, flexions and other exercises.

It can be used for any other type of aerobic exercise that involves sitting or lying down, you can use it at home, in gyms or even outdoors.

Orthovida Floor Mat

Good cheap floor mat

Brand : Orthovida | Color : Wine | Weight : 998 g | Size : Unique | Internal composition : Polyurethane foam

The Orthovida floor mat is a good, cheap floor mat. It is foldable and you can carry it wherever you want and practice your exercises, it can be used in gyms, beauty centers, yoga or leisure activities, made with D33 foam, lined in Napa and with an anti-acid and anti-allergic treatment, so that you can do your push-ups and abdominal exercises in complete peace of mind.

It can also be used in nurseries for play activities, as it is made with the best materials and ensures resistance and comfort. Resistant materials, offering comfort and quality, it is super easy to sanitize and store. It offers support during exercises.

It helps with positioning and can be used for exercises in addition to pilates and yoga. You can choose between blue, black, pink and red as well as wine color. The dimensions of the floor mat are 89 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm, with its internal composition of polyurethane foam, the composition of the cover is in Napa and the density is 33.
Floor mat Evasola EVA

Best EVA floor mat

Brand : Evasola | Length : 1 meter | Width : 1 meter | Thickness : 20 mm | Available colors : royal blue, lilac, black, green, yellow, grey, orange, pink, green, lemon green and red

The Evasola EVA floor mat is the best floor mat. It is used in various locations such as classrooms, condominiums, gyms, toy rooms, children’s rooms, yoga, among others. People choose this tatami for these spaces, because it is made of a soft material that is safe, which is very good for children.

It guarantees comfort and safety both for children’s games and for physical activities such as yoga, for example, the material is soft and non-toxic, and does not cause injury or allergies. It offers a wide range of benefits. It is versatile, available in several colors and very easy to install.

It is designed to be very resistant, shock absorbing and non-slip. It is made of a high quality material, with thermal insulation and is not abrasive, does not burn and does not hurt the user.

Floor mat Orthovida D33 Fitness Academy

Floor mats Grosso

Brand: Orthovida | Name: Mattress Fitness Academy Orthovida D33 | Sex: Unisex | Suitable for: | Available colors: blue, black, pink, red and wine

The Orthovida D33 Fitness floor mat is a thick floor mat. It is foldable and you can use it for your exercises, it can be used in gyms, beauty centers, yoga and leisure activities, with the D33 foam, fully lined in Napa and with an anti-acid and anti-allergic treatment, you can do your abs and push-ups.

It can also be used in day care centers for fun activities and games, made with the best materials and ensures resistance and comfort to the user, making it much easier to practice exercises. It is made of resistant, comfortable and quality materials, in addition to being easy to clean, it guarantees practical storage.

It guarantees support during your exercises, offers a positioning aid for abdominals, flexions, pilates and yoga practice. It has a size of 100 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm. The internal composition is made of polyurethane foam, the cover is made of Napa, with a density of 33 and a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.



Now that you’ve learned more about floor mats and how to use each one, it’s time to go out and buy your own. Don’t forget to check off each item we tell you about and define the type of carpet you need, as this is essential.

Don’t forget also to consult the models we have selected for you, in order to give you advice on the best products on the market. We are sure that some of them will adapt to your needs.