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On December 7, 2020

The best whey proteins are currently the most consumed supplements in the world.

Best whey protein 2024

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This has led to an increase in the number of people attending gyms, walking and running on mats or in parks; to a change in their eating habits and also to the use of supplements in order to obtain higher performance in their training and therefore results in a short period of time.


What is protein whey and what is it used for?

Whey protein is a product obtained from whey that is very rich in essential amino acids of high biological value.

These amino acids are extremely important for the maintenance and formation of muscles, and are therefore recommended, above all, for people who are in the process of muscular hypertrophy.

In addition to being a source of protein – as well as protein bars – and essential amino acids, this supplement also brings other benefits to the body.

Your Health has written a very nice article giving advice on how to take whey protein with an emphasis on muscle mass gain.

Check out the following and other useful information to identify the best whey protein.

What are the types of whey proteins?

There are currently 3 types of whey protein, which are :

  • Isolated whey protein ;
  • Concentrated whey protein ;
  • Hydrolyzed whey protein.

But what is the difference between them? Here is a brief explanation about them.

Isolated whey protein

The composition of this supplement is essentially made up of proteins, corresponding to approximately 90% of the product. To obtain it, the protein, isolated from whey, carbohydrates and fats are eliminated, leaving only the desired macronutrient.

It should be remembered that in addition to whey protein isolate, soy protein is also rich in protein.

It is indicated for people who want muscle definition and weight loss.

Concentrated whey protein

The difference of this one is that in addition to being protein, which corresponds to 89% maximum of its composition, it contains carbohydrates and lipids, which are not eliminated during its production.

Because it is not only composed of proteins, it is the cheapest of all.

It is indicated for athletes who are looking for mass gain and muscle definition.

Hydrolyzed whey protein

It has the fastest absorption by the body, due to its manufacturing process, which consists of breaking down proteins.

It is usually the most expensive of all, but because the amount ingested is lower than the others, the price of this supplement ends up being the same as the others, so don’t be afraid when researching the price of the hydrolyzed form.

It should preferably be taken in the period after training to quickly replace the energy expended during training.

It is indicated for high performance athletes who train rigorously.

Female whey

Until recently, having a defined body was only a matter for men. Recently, however, the number of women seeking a healed body has increased significantly, and they have also been using supplements to optimize this process.

Initially, they started taking the same supplements as men because there were no specific supplements for them.

However, as we know, there are significant differences between the male and female bodies, so industries have also invested in the development of supplements for women.

In this context, whey protein for women was born. Its composition is very similar to that of concentrated whey protein, but it is added to certain substances that aim to maintain women’s health, such as grape seed oil, which aims to regulate their appetite.

It is indicated for women who are looking for more healed and defined bodies.

Is whey protein bad for your health?

If it is not used correctly, combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, it allows people to dream of a healthy and well-defined body.

Below we will discuss the positive and negative points of whey protein intake.

Benefits of whey protein

Some of the benefits obtained by using this product include :

  • It provides the body with a large quantity of easily absorbable protein;
  • Ensures the process of muscular recovery;
  • Allows a rapid gain of muscle mass;
  • Accelerates the metabolism, helping the process of body fat loss;
  • Improves a person’s immune system;
  • Source of energy for the body, making people more willing to exercise;
  • As it is also a source of carbohydrates and fats, it replenishes the body with these macronutrients after exercise;
  • It’s easy to prepare;
  • It has a good cost-benefit ratio.

Disadvantages of whey protein

However, it can be harmful if not consumed properly. Misuse of whey protein can lead to kidney overload, due to the large amount of protein in the supplement.

In addition, it is very important to ingest the correct amount of product, as this varies from person to person.

Another factor that should be mentioned is the fact that it is an industrialized product and for this reason it contains in its composition preservatives and colorants, which are less healthy substances.

The consumption of this product must be done through the performance of a certain type of physical activity and always with the accompaniment of a sports nutritionist or physical educator.

If you are not currently attending the gym but would like to exercise, we have compiled a list of the best exercise applications for you to do at home.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about whey protein

Whenever we talk about supplementation, many doubts arise among athletes, see below which are the main ones

How to take whey protein?

This supplement must always be taken before and after training and its preparation is very simple. Just dilute the amount indicated for you in 500 ml of water using the coconut paddle that usually comes with the product or it can be easily purchased in supplement stores. Before consuming, do not forget to mix the product well.

As for the quantity that needs to be diluted, it is specified in the packaging of the product itself and is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It is always a good idea to follow this recommendation so as not to overload your liver.

In general, you should consume 1.2 g of whey protein per kilo of body weight. For example, a 70 kg man should ingest 84 kg of this product per day.
In addition, although this supplement is a source of protein, the consumption of this macronutrient should normally be maintained in your diet through the intake of lean meat and eggs.

Whey protein slimming?

The answer depends. Whey protein promotes the burning of body fat and the building of lean body mass, which weighs more than fat. So, when you use this product and do your workout correctly, you will see the change in your body, even if on the scale your body mass is higher, i.e. you have gained weight, but your body is more defined.

However, some people, in order to achieve a rapid loss of body fat at the beginning of their search for fitness, replace one meal a day with the supplement, and make sure that this provides good results for weight loss.

Taking whey proteins with water or milk?

It is preferable to take this supplement with water, because it is already obtained from milk, and being diluted in milk, it can make the digestion process difficult, even if you are a beginner and take it this way, you may have diarrhea and vomiting.

However, many people say that they cannot take the product diluted in water, claiming that it is not very tasty, and for this reason they opt for milk. But whatever the taste, the ideal is to consume it with water. After all, we should all make some kind of sacrifice to achieve our goals, shouldn’t we?

What are the best whey protein brands?

The best brands are undoubtedly the imported brands, but they are also generally the most expensive. So, if you can’t afford to buy an imported brand, you can use a local brand.

Below is a list of the best national and international whey protein brands in 2024.

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Local brands

1. Growth supplements
2. Probiotics
3. Atlhetica Nutrition
4. Max Titanium
5. IntegralMedical

International Brands

1. AST
2. Optimal nutrition
3. MyProtein
4. Dymatize nutrition
5. Universal
6. VPX


Ranking: What is the best brand of whey protein?

As for the price, make no mistake, you will often find very interesting prices, but with poor quality proteins. Therefore, always try to buy this product from reputable brands and preferably those indicated by your physical educator.

This supplement can be purchased in natural supplement stores, health food stores and a multitude of websites.

However, it is recommended that you buy the first products in physical stores to better understand them and to be able to read their labels in their entirety.

However, as you become more familiar with the supplements, it is worth buying on the Internet yes, as the payment terms offered are generally better.

However, try to buy protein whey on reliable websites, for this you can count on the help of your friends who already buy these products virtually.

To achieve the body of your dreams, it is essential to take supplements not only with whey protein, but also with other supplements available on the market.

However, all you have to do is research and find products that promise real miracles. Faced with these tempting offers, never forget that when alms are too great, the saint is wary.

It is also worth mentioning that taking supplements without being disciplined in training and eating will be a waste of time and money, because only the union of these three factors, i.e. supplement, training and diet, will allow you to reach your goals. So, good luck!