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On December 4, 2020

Looking for the best soy protein? This is the subject of our article Are you looking for the best soy protein? That’s the subject of our article today.

Soy is mostly consumed by people who are switching from meat to vegetarian or vegan. It can be eaten directly or processed into many other products, such as tofu, soy milk or soy protein powder.

Best soy protein 2024

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Vegans, vegetarians and people with milk allergies may find soy protein a way to get the nutrients they lack. But soy is a somewhat controversial food.

Some people believe that eating soy protein can improve their diet, while others believe it can be very harmful.


What is soy protein?

Soy is very rich in protein, vitamins and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and also contains polyphenolic compounds. These proteins are super complete and easily absorbed by the human body.

Since the benefits of soy protein are already very popular, it is now recognized as an excellent option to supplement your diet, whether you are a vegetarian or not. More and more people are looking for this protein as a dietary supplement.

What is it used for?

Concentrated soy protein is an excellent food that provides many benefits to the consumer’s body, with optimal nutritional effects and helps prevent disease. This protein has a polyphenolic compound called isoflavone, which is currently being studied as an option in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, menopausal symptoms and even osteoporosis.

In addition to the benefits for everyone and against diseases, those who choose a life without meat find a very complete solution to continue to ingest proteins, as is the case for vegetarians and vegans.

The benefits of soy protein

As mentioned above, soy protein provides many benefits and also serves several purposes. Some of the main objectives sought by consumers are to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, combat the action of free radicals, improve memory, strengthen bones, increase muscle mass, improve bowel function and prevent certain types of cancer.

Among the many benefits of consuming this food, daily consumption reduces cholesterol levels and helps combat vascular alterations, and several studies indicate the benefits of soy protein for the heart.

It is rich in phytoestrogens, which are present in the hormone estrogen, which gives it benefits such as hormone replacement for people suffering from imbalance, and therefore helps fight menopausal symptoms.

In addition, it helps people with type II diabetes to lower their glucose levels, thus controlling even people who do not have the disease.

In terms of benefits for cancer prevention and treatment, soy protein appears to offer some protection against specific types, such as breast and prostate.

For those who do not consume any animal protein, soy provides an inexhaustible source of protein and vitamins. These people can obtain very important nutrients from this food, which may eventually become deficient due to a lack of meat and animal products.


Soy consumption is something that some people are concerned about. Not because it’s a bad food for those who eat it, but because of the lack of certain nutrients for those who trade other types of protein-rich foods for soy because it doesn’t provide much iron and zinc. But you can rest assured that none of this will be detrimental to your health.

There is also concern from those who think that eating soy protein may affect thyroid function. And that can really happen, because soy isoflavones can interfere with the production of certain hormones. But this is not a proven fact, as several studies indicate that the interference is very mild and would not compromise anything significant.

Some people are concerned that ingestion may also affect hormone levels in the body. But soy is very rich in certain components that are similar to estrogen.

And when the protein is extracted from the washing process, this compound called phytoestrogen, which has estrogen-like properties, is greatly reduced, so there’s nothing to worry about. For the same reason, men end up fearing the loss of testosterone, which is not proven either.

Soy protein intake has no effect on male hormones. But the main fear of consumers of this product is that it is genetically modified. But don’t worry, there is not even any evidence that it has a negative effect on people’s health. It is enough to be afraid of GM foods.

Nutritional information

Soy protein powder is nothing more than water or alcohol washed soy to lose sugar and fiber. Then the beans are dehydrated to become powder. At the end of the process, this powder is cholesterol-free and almost fat-free.

This dehydrated protein is used to make various types of soy foods. Despite all the benefits this protein has for consumers, it can slow down the absorption of minerals a little.

Does soy protein contribute to muscle growth?

Soy protein is a complete type of protein. It alone contains all the amino acids your body needs and needs to absorb from your diet.

The amino acids we find in this protein are the ones that are part of building muscle, that is, they help to strengthen and build your muscles.

It only loses performance when it comes to building muscle for the protein in the whey. But it is still very effective in dealing with this issue, being very suitable for those who are looking for a better constitution of their muscles.

If your case is not that of veganism, the ideal for more effective muscle supplementation is to combine soy protein with other milk proteins. In this way, you ingest quality products specifically for the good of your muscles.

Does soy protein help you lose weight?

Diets rich in protein are generally much more effective than others in helping you lose weight.

Soy protein can also contribute to weight loss. First of all, they are proteins like any other and can therefore help, just like animal proteins, in weight loss diets.

Generally, because they are very rich foods, soy and animal proteins help control appetite. Basically, therefore, there is not much difference in the effectiveness of the two foods for these diets.

This also extends to soy protein powder, which has the same effectiveness and can therefore be used even in shakes.

Finally, studies are still ongoing and the effectiveness of soy protein in weight loss diets is becoming increasingly safe.

About isolated soy protein

This form of soybeans is produced to specifically extract the protein from each bean. It is separated from the other components by precipitation, washing, neutralization and drying. In this way, we obtain a product with a protein concentration of over 90%. This is the part that makes up the soy-based food supplements that we find on the market.

What is the best soy protein?

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1. Soy protein-based performance nutrition

Best soy protein

Brand : Performance Nutrition | Format : Powder | Packaging : 320 g | Expiration : 24 months from date of manufacture

Performance Nutrition’s soy protein is the best soy protein. It is extracted from soybeans using a liquid extraction process, which preserves all the components of soybeans, such as isoflavone. It is ideal for anyone to consume at least 25 grams of soy protein per day to lower cholesterol.

This 25 grams is equivalent to one dose of the product, which also contains several fibers that help your body function. In addition, it contains no carbohydrates or sugar, as it is sweetened with sucralose. You can use this product to gain muscle mass and help you lose weight, it is an excellent source of fiber. Each dose corresponds to the amount of soy protein you need to ingest daily.

It is free of carbohydrates, cholesterol and fats and its daily consumption helps to solve several health problems, just combine it with a balanced and healthy diet. To consume, mix one measure, which is equivalent to two tablespoons, in 300 ml of drink.

Remember that it is important to combine the ingestion of the product with the practice of physical activities.

2. Medium soy protein

The most cost-effective soy protein

Brand : Grings | Characteristics : Natural | Allergy information : Oats, gluten | Ingredients : | Flavor : Salty

Mediumia soy protein is the most cost-effective soy protein. With a high biological value and very suitable for those who do not want and do not want to consume animal proteins. This protein can replace meat, being very popular with vegetarians and vegans and has no cholesterol at all.

Its preparation is very simple, just hydrate the protein with hot water, then drain it well and use it as you wish. Just season it and put it in your favorite recipes. The protein packet contains 400 g and is a complete food.

3. Salve of live isolated protein soybeans

Isolated soy protein

Brand : Viva Salute | Weight : 1 kg | Name : Whey Protein Viva Salute Soy Concentrate | Sex : Unisex | Indicated for : Gain muscle mass

Viva Salute is an isolated soy protein. It is of totally vegetable origin, ideal for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and people with dairy restrictions, bringing a protein option to the diet. It is free of preservatives, sweeteners, sugars, flavors and colors and offers only one gram of carbohydrates in each dose.

Thus, even those who want to avoid carbohydrates can choose this dietary supplement. This protein contains amino acids that are very good for your health and provide the same benefits as meat, egg or milk. It also has several health-enhancing components.

It is a functional food that helps reduce cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease. To eat, you can mix it with water or beat it with fruit and cocoa. Protein has a neutral taste, but if you prefer, you can include it in the recipe when making cakes, pancakes, pies and other things.

Remember to consume it in moderation, as too much can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Read the label and eat only what is indicated per day.

4. Soy protein Vitao

Good and cheap soy protein

Brand : Vitao | Allergy information : Gluten free | Content : 200 g | Suitable for : Day to day : Unisex | Gender : Unisex

Vitao protein is a good and cheap soy protein. After all the process by which it transforms the soybean into flakes, leaving it textured, it is ready to be consumed. This protein has no flavor or color and is fully recommended for vegetarians. To include it in your recipes, you must first hydrate with water.

To make sure you don’t miss out, simply add a cup of soy to a cup of water and then prepare your favourite recipes. You can prepare everything, absolutely meatless, such as hamburgers, cakes, quibes, Bolognese sauce, pies and much more.

This soy protein is low in sodium, high in fiber and non transgenic. In addition, it is free of fat or cholesterol.



Knowing the main characteristics of soy protein helps to better understand the health benefits.

Don’t forget to consider all the benefits it can bring to your life. And if you’re a vegetarian, it’s one way to increase your protein source.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the best soy protein options we’ve selected for you.