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Wrist protection : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 30, 2020

The best wrist protection is the one that improves the performance and safety of the athlete, whatever the chosen activity.

Wrist guards are popular accessories that you see all the time. Many people think that they are only good for tennis, but this is not the case : Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, use wrist protectors during matches. They are also popular with crossfit enthusiasts.

The best wrist protectors in 2024.

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And what are wrist protectors for? What are the advantages? And what are the best wrist protections today?


Why use a wrist protector?

Wrist protectors bring many benefits to the user and are much more useful than you might think, in addition to being very popular among crossfitters.

Perspiration control

All physical activity ends up generating sweat to a greater or lesser degree. This sweat, while natural and important for maintaining control of body temperature, can affect an athlete’s performance in a number of ways.

The most obvious of these is the sweat that gets into the hands. In sports with clubs and racquets, such as tennis, golf and badminton, it is essential that the racquet be firm in the hands – which is not the case if there is too much sweat. That’s where wrist guards come in: they prevent sweat from the arms and wrists from leaking into the hands, which improves performance.

But it’s not just hand sweat that bothers athletes. Sweat near the eyes can be just as harmful, if not more so, and can occur in any sport. That’s why many athletes, such as footballers and wrestlers, use wrist protection to wipe sweat from their faces so it doesn’t get in the way.

More safety

Compared to many other joints in the human body, pulses are significantly weaker. This makes them more prone to injury and torsion in the event of violent shocks, falls and very sudden movements, which is very common in most sports.

This is why wrist protection plays a key role in protecting the wrists in sports that require a lot of wrist protection (basketball, volleyball and handball, for example), sports with speed (soccer, rugby, running) and sports with rapid movements and many falls (judo, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts).

We have to admit that even the best sports equipment cannot protect against all kinds of accidents, and that a bad fall can sometimes cause damage in one way or another. However, it is undeniable that wrist protection can mitigate the damage in these cases, in addition to helping to recover the wrists afterwards.

More firmness in the hands

As we said, the pulse is a fragile joint. One of the reasons is that the wrist does not have many muscles, unlike the knee for example. Fragility is also related to the range of motion that the wrist can perform (which are numerous when we think of the more limited movements of the knee).

All this mobility is essential during sport, but can also be a problem in some cases. Without a firm wrist, a tennis player can hit the racket at the wrong angle, for example, and a handball player can miss a pass.

Wrist protection can help you in this case, and you can do the test yourself: an unprotected wrist has the greatest possible range of motion, while a wrist with protection becomes much firmer. This way, the player has much more control over his movements, which improves his performance.

Naval rope exercises require a lot of the wrist area, as well as performing series of exercises on weight benches. Both types of exercises are excellent to perform with a wrist protector, due to the greater firmness of the hands.

Accessory protection

In many cases, the player not only has a wrist to protect, but also a wrist accessory that he or she does not want or cannot remove. This includes traditional watches, smart watches, magnetic bracelets and even health equipment that monitors vital signs.

The use of this type of accessory during sport can have unpleasant consequences, such as damage to equipment and injuries to the wearer. The risk is greater in team and contact sports, such as soccer, with the possibility of injuring other participants as well.

Wrist guards are very useful on these occasions, as they can cover the accessory and protect it from damage without causing discomfort. The best wrist protection for these cases is long, as the court is more likely to discover the accessory during the activity.

Neymar himself hardly plays without wrist protection.

What are the best wrist protections?

Now you know why you should use a wrist protector during training or play. But what are the best wrist guards available today?

Choosing the right wrist protection makes all the difference in your result, so check out our list of the best wrist protections for 2024:

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1. Nike 2.0 Wrist Guard

Better wrist protection

The Nike 2.0 Wrist Guard is the best wrist protection for those who want to combine comfort and performance in a single accessory. With a precise fit and excellent perspiration control, Nike once again shows that it is the best in the world when it comes to sports.

Made entirely of nylon, the wrist guard is soft and offers maximum comfort while supporting the wrist and allowing it to breathe. It is ideal for sports that require a lot of wrist support such as tennis and handball, but is also used for crossfit and many other types of physical activities.

The Wrist Wrap 2.0 is one of the few wrist protectors that has a really effective adjustable closure system, which allows you to optimize the accessory for different people and activities. This feature makes the wrist compression fully customizable, so that each user can have their own experience.

The accessory has an excellent reputation at Amazon, having been evaluated by hundreds of people around the world. Because of its design and excellent support, many users consider it to be a superior wrist protector compared to conventional wrist protectors, placing it at the top of our list of best wrist protectors.

2. Wilson Wrist Protection

Best cost-benefit ratio

Today, Wilson Cotton Wrist Protection is the best wrist protection in terms of cost effectiveness. With a simple but effective design, the brand – which is also a sports giant – has created a practical product that guarantees excellent sports performance.

Wilson wrist protection is made of 90% cotton, 6% elastane and 4% nylon. This way, it maintains the high absorbency of cotton while being elastic enough to fit comfortably on anyone’s wrist.

For this reason, the accessory is versatile enough to fit a wide variety of sports. Tennis, golf, boxing, kickboxing, soccer and activities such as weightlifting can be greatly enhanced by simply using this wrist protector.

The Wilson Trunnion is highly rated by Amazon for its comfort and excellent sweat absorption, and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of sports. The accessory therefore enters our list as the best wrist protection in terms of cost-benefit.

3. Nike Swoosh Double Width Wristband

Large wrist protection

Sometimes, the athlete not only wants to protect his hands from sweat, but also wants to protect another accessory such as a watch or magnetic bracelet. For these cases, the best wrist protection is the Swoosh Doublewide, which has all the Nike quality.

The Swoosh Doublewide is twice as long, designed in an anatomical shape that fits perfectly on the wrist. The accessory features Nike Dri-Fit technology, which ensures total absorption of sweat from the skin, even after long periods of intense activity.

One of the great advantages of the Swoosh Doublewide is that it has the perfect size to completely cover other accessories. Athletes who wear watches, magnetic bracelets and other types of bracelets run the risk of damaging them or even injuring themselves or others during exercise, which makes this bracelet essential for these cases.

Amazon ratings are excellent and many users report that it is the best wrist protection when wearing a watch. It is used for all kinds of activities, such as basketball, gymnastics and tennis.

4. Nike Swoosh Bracelet

Small wrist protection

The Nike Swoosh bracelet is the best wrist protection for those who want a practical and effective accessory. With this excellent Nike wrist protection, just put it on and play!

Thanks to Nike’s exclusive Dri-Fit technology, this accessory ensures excellent absorption of sweat and dry hands during all physical activity. The material also provides exceptional comfort and a great fit for your wrists.

It also keeps your wrists firmer, helping you perform better with more precise movements. The wrist protection also helps prevent injuries and wrist twisting in the event of a fall, collision or very sudden movements, thus ensuring much greater safety regardless of the chosen activity.

The product is delivered in pairs and is optimally evaluated at Amazon. Users have tested and approved the accessory for different types of activities, such as fitness training, running and sports. For all these reasons, the Nike Swoosh Wristband is rated as the best wrist protection of its kind.

5. Nike Dri-Fit Home & Away Doublewide

The most comfortable wrist protection

Nike Dri-Fit Home & Away Doublewide Wristguard is the best wrist protection for those who want maximum comfort for indoor and outdoor activities.

Twice the normal size, this wrist guard is ideal for covering accessories such as bracelets and watches. In addition, it features Dri-Fit technology, which provides excellent sweat absorption while ensuring maximum user comfort.

A great advantage of this wrist protection is that it is a double-sided accessory. So even the most dedicated users can give their best without worrying about excessive perspiration: just turn the wrist protection over and stay in the gas.

As you’d expect from a Nike product, the Home & Away wrist guard gets top marks. The sports most mentioned in the reviews are tennis and soccer, but you can be sure that it is one of the best wrist protections for any sport.

6. Small pink Adidas wrist guard

Better wrist protection for women

Adidas, another giant in the sports market, has developed a protection especially for women. The Adidas Women’s Wrist Protection combines comfort, performance and safety in one product, and is ideal for women who want to get the most out of training without worrying about injuries.

The material of the Adidas women’s wrist protection is a composition of cotton, polyester, polyacrylic and elastodiene. Together, these materials provide excellent sweat absorption while ensuring comfort and safety during play or training.

With all these benefits, Adidas wrist protection for women is ideal for a wide variety of sports and physical activities, including: tennis, running, gymnastics, gymnastics, soccer, handball, volleyball, martial arts and much more.

The product has 5 stars in Amazon’s rating and can put everything the best wrist protectors need in one item. For all of these reasons, we have included the Adidas Women’s Tournament on our list of the best wrist protection for women.


Since wrist guards are excellent accessories to use during your exercises, gym gloves are also a very relevant option to consider, as it is a relatively small investment but brings good benefits.