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Pilate ball : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 30, 2020

The best pilates balls are those that best fit the athlete’s size and offer good safety during exercise, regardless of the intensity of the exercise .

Pilates has been a fashionable activity for the last few years and its success continues to grow.

Very popular among women, Pilate provides excellent benefits to muscles, joints and other parts of the body. Used both to improve the fitness and flexibility of muscles and joints, this fitness accessory will suit both women and men to gain flexibility.

The best Pilates balls in 2024.

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An indispensable accessory for pilates is the ball. It is designed to bring an imbalance that forces the user to be more aware of his body and to put more stress on certain parts of the body, especially the legs and hips.

If you are here, you are probably behind a pilates ball. But how do you choose the model that suits you best? And what are the best pilates balls for 2024?

Read on to find out!


Buying Guide: How to choose the best pilates ball?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best pilates ball for you. They are essential not only for good training results, but also for your safety.


The size of your pilates ball is directly influenced by its height: the higher you are, the bigger the ball must be for the exercises to be as effective as possible.

Most experts suggest the following values, depending on the size:

Height Ball size

Between 1.40 and 1.54 meter 45 cm balloon
Between 1.55 and 1.69 meters Ball of 55 cm
Between 1.70 and 1.87 meters Ball of 65 cm
Between 1.88 and 2.03 meters Ball of 75 cm
Above 2.04 meters, ball of 85 cm


There is no point in choosing a ball of the right size if the material is not of good quality. The best pilates balls are made of PVC or high-strength rubber. As the ball will be under stress at all times, it must have excellent elasticity and not deform with use.


The texture of the ball is another interesting point, as it directly affects the safety of the user. A balloon with a non-slip texture ensures that you won’t slip off the ball, whether through bad posture or sweat. This is a fundamental concern, especially for pregnant women.

Anti-ball system

The anti-tank system is a feature always present in the best pilates balls. It also has everything to do with safety, preventing the balloon from suddenly bursting. Even if the balloon is punctured or broken in any way, it empties gradually, thus avoiding sudden shocks that can cause pain.

What are the best pilates balls for exercise?

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Now you know what to consider when buying your pilates ball. So how about taking a look at our product selection and choosing the best pilates ball for you? We choose them all by hand, checking several quality criteria. Let’s go !

1. NDN Line Exercise Ball

Best Pilates Ball

If quality is important to you, NDN Line has exactly what you need. Straight from Switzerland, the NDN Line exercise ball is ideal for pilates, yoga, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and is most likely the best pilates ball.

Made of top quality, high-strength rubber, this ball is able to provide the stability needed to train the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks and much more. It is extremely durable, perfect for those who need long-term equipment or who work with this type of exercise.

The ball is equipped with a double-action manual pump for quick filling, which allows you to adjust the internal pressure when needed. Its size is quite versatile and will fit most women.

With good marks, the ball is praised for the rigidity of the material and the ability to retain air. That’s why we decided to put it at the top of our list of the best pilates balls available today.

2. LiveUp Sports Swiss U-ball

Best cost-benefit ratio

If you prefer equipment that is a little cheaper, but still of excellent quality, LiveUp Sports has what you need. With its side extensions, the Swiss Ball U offers a wide variety of uses and is the best pilates ball in terms of cost-benefit ratio.

The material of the Swiss Ball U is rigid and resistant, guaranteeing excellent performance for fitness activities, yoga and low impact exercises. The air valve is designed to maintain stable pressure for a long period of time without the need for constant adjustment.

It also has high resistance elastic side extensions, which allow you to include your arms in the exercises and increase the already wide range of activities you can perform. The extenders have comfortable handles for a better experience.

This product is well evaluated and fulfills its role without any problems. Considering all this and its excellent price, we can say that the Swiss U-ball from LiveUp Sports is the best pilates ball when you think about the cost-benefit ratio.

3. ProBody Pilates

Best Pilates mini-ball

If what you are looking for is a mini pilates ball, ProBody Pilates is the best pilates ball for you. With excellent equipment and always accompanied by extra items, it is the perfect mini-ball for your workout.

The ProBody mini-ball is made of first class rubber, offering excellent resistance for your needs, whatever your workout. It is designed to be burst resistant, with an intelligent system to maintain internal pressure.

To accompany Probody Pilates, we have two items. One of them is the hand pump, which allows you to quickly fill your ball and adjust it if necessary. The other is a video guide, which you can access virtually, containing several tips to get the most out of your product.

ProBody Pilates has received extremely positive reviews. Users report that it is an excellent product for pilates, water activities and even for maintaining posture in the chair. So we have definitely put it on the list of the best mini pilates balls.

4. Vollo Sports

Best Pilates Ball 55 cm

You want a good product at a good price? The Vollo Sports exercise ball is resistant and offers the necessary rigidity for your workouts. It comes with a few extra items and with good reviews, we think it is the best 55 cm pilates ball.

Its material is a non-slip PVC with ideal rigidity for pilates and yoga exercises, whatever area of the body is being worked on. The ball is extremely resistant, counting with an anti-ball system to prevent it from breaking during the exercises.

It is a ball that can support up to 300 kg. Its size is ideal for women between 1.55 m and 1.69 m, which makes it a perfect ball for most Brazilian women.

As for the opinion of the users, the ball is extremely well evaluated and the majority report a great experience with the product. Taking all this into account, we believe that the Vollo Sports ball is the best 55 cm Pilates ball currently available.

5. LiveUp Sports Premium

Best Pilates ball 65 cm

For people over 1.70 m, the best pilates ball measures 65 cm. LiveUp Sports Premium is a ball with exactly these dimensions, excellent durability and very well evaluated by buyers.

Made of premium quality rubber, the ball offers the ideal balance between strength and elasticity to give you the best performance for your workout.

With a height of 65 cm, it is ideal for people between 1.70 m and 1.87 m, which, although not the majority, represent a reasonable proportion of the population. This size also makes it easy to use in pairs, depending on the type of exercise.

It is a product that is well evaluated by users, who praise the equipment and also the vendor. With all this in mind, it is easy to choose LiveUp Sports Premium as the best 65 cm Pilates ball.

6. Odi Fit Gymnastic Ball

Best Pilates ball 75 cm

For very tall people, over 1.80 m, a larger ball is also required. The best pilates ball in this case is the Odi Fit Gym, 75 cm, which has excellent durability and anti-torsion technology.

The ball is made of ultra-resistant PVC with a capacity of up to 200 kg, which provides more stability than a ball of this size requires. It also has an anti-tangle protection system, which prevents sudden emptying even if the balloon is punctured.

The 75 cm size is best suited for people between 1.88 and 2.03 m, who are a minority but who deserve a quality product. It can also be used by smaller people for pair exercises.

All this leads us to conclude that the ball is of excellent quality. It is also a well rated product, which makes us put it on the list of the best 75 cm pilates balls.

7. LiveUp Sports 45 cm

A good and inexpensive option

For those who don’t want to spend a lot at the moment or who prefer to test pilates before making a bigger investment, we have the LiveUp Sports 45. It is durable and offers excellent performance, being for sure the best pilates ball in this price range.

Made with high quality rubber, LiveUp Sports 45 offers excellent performance in activities such as yoga, pilates, pregnancy exercises and many other low impact activities.

With a height of 45 cm, it is most recommended for people of small stature, below 1.60. However, even tall people can take advantage of this product and in the future, purchase a more suitable size if necessary.

The size may not be the most suitable, but if you really can’t invest in a larger product, this is a great way to break a branch or get into pilates. So we’ve put this balloon on the list as a good and cheap option.

Tips for exercising with a pilates ball

The TV channel VOLL has prepared a very cool video presenting a series of exercises for people with back pain that can be done using the famous pilates balls. Check out the list below :

Tip: To further enhance your experience, some of the exercises recommended in the video above can be done using one of the best elastics.


So, are we doing Pilates?

After reading this article, you already have a good idea of how to choose from the best pilates balls available. Pay attention to size, material, texture and check the anti-torsion system. If the balloon is intended for a pregnant woman, don’t leave out the safety features!

Be sure to check the details of each product directly on each product’s sales page. There you will find more information about the benefits, specifications and user reviews. Only then can you consider your choices and buy the best pilates ball for your case.

So, which of these pilates balls do you think is the best? Tell us in the comments! And if you want more content on sports and sporting goods, don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog. See you later!