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Gym bag : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 30, 2020

Gym bags are perfect for a quality workout with everything you need, but choosing the best gym bag requires some care.

The best gym bags in 2024.

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Sport bags are really essential for those who play sports or go to the gym. With space and multiple compartments, the best gym bags allow you to take and keep everything you need.

But how do you choose the best gym bag?


The material is by far one of the most important factors, as it determines the durability of the bag. What’s the point of having the best sports bag in terms of size if the material is bad and doesn’t last? Sports bags are usually made of polyester, a lightweight and durable material.

The material can also guarantee other features for your bag. A waterproof material, for example, can help with swimming or other water sports.

Comfort is also linked to the material, as handles made of a very hard or rough fabric can end up hurting your hands or shoulders.


Finally, we have a question that seems trivial, but is not so trivial: style. After all, when you buy something, you want it to look good and reflect a bit of your personality. In fact, the style of the bag often ends up being more relevant to the buyer than other factors such as functionality or the quality of the material.

The only advice is not to let style be the only factor in the choice: the best sports bag for you must be able to meet your needs, and to do that you need to evaluate other features.

What are the best sports bags for men and women?

At this point, you have understood that you need to pay attention to certain details when choosing your bag. Now, how about taking a look at a selection of special bursaries that meet all the requirements? These are the best duffle bags. Check them out!

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1. Nike Brasilia Ba5961

Best Overall Gym Bag

If you want to leave home and do everything you need without worrying, Nike Brasilia is the best gym bag for you. With all the quality of the world’s leading sports brand and roomy enough, this bag offers endurance and practicality no matter what activity you’re doing.

Made of 100% ultra-resistant polyester, Nike Brasilia will easily withstand your routine, no matter how intense and hectic it may be. With its dimensions of 38 x 25 x 25 cm, it has enough space to store everything you need for your day, from work clothes to sportswear.

Thanks to a special compartment for tennis shoes, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty on the soles of your shoes. The double straps, as well as the shoulder strap, give you the freedom to carry your bag the way you want, according to your needs. The bag also has extra pockets to store smaller items, making it versatile and very useful for various sports.

Nike Brasilia is highly rated by buyers from all over the world, which is the final proof of the excellent quality of this Nike product. Therefore, due to the versatility and durability of the bag, we can say that Nike Brasilia is the best sports bag currently on the market.

2. Wilson Sport WTIS13779

Best men’s sports bag

If you want a stylish and highly functional men’s bag, Wilson Sport is the perfect sports bag for you. Made of great material and with multiple compartments, it’s great for carrying everything you need for any adventure.

Wilson Sport is made of 80% microfiber and 20% polyester, which ensures excellent durability and breathability, an important factor in preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria in clothing and footwear.

The bag has 4 compartments. The main one has a double zipper for secure closure, allowing the use of a padlock. A fake pocket on the back allows you to safely store small items such as cards and money.

There are also reinforced straps, both double and shoulder straps. So you can take your bag wherever you want and in style. All this makes Wilson Sport the best men’s sports bag.

3. Nike Gymnasium

Best women’s gym bag

For women, there is nothing better than a handbag that is practical, light and of course elegant. You will find all this at Nike Gym Club, which, with all the quality of the world’s leading sportswear brand, can be considered the best women’s sports bag.

Made of waterproof polyester, the Nike Gym Club leaves all your equipment dry and safe. With a very spacious main compartment, it is ideal for taking your sports equipment everywhere and even bringing extra clothes if you need to study or work.

The bag has double straps and a shoulder strap, made from an extremely durable fabric to withstand any routine. Above all, it’s a very pretty bag with an interesting and very feminine design.

The Nike Gym Club has been highly rated by buyers around the world, which only reinforces what we already know about Nike quality. So, without a doubt, we are indicating this product as the best women’s gym bag.

4. Puma Sport Fundamentals

Best cost-benefit ratio

Combining durability and interior space, Puma Fundamentals Sports shows all the quality of the Giant Puma in a bag perfect for travel and sport. All this for an excellent price, which puts it on the list of the best sports bags in terms of cost-benefit.

Puma Fundamentals is made of high quality polyester, which guarantees its durability. The straps are made of a comfortable material, so as not to injure hands or shoulders. The shoulder strap is also adjustable, so that the bag is in the ideal position for each user.

With dimensions of 45 x 24 x 27 cm, the combined dimensions create a very spacious main compartment that meets all daily needs or even small trips. There are also secondary compartments for small items and a small inner pocket for the most important items.

People from all over the world have bought and approved Puma Fundamentals Sports, which is an excellent indicator of quality. For everything, including the price, we decided to put this bag on our list of the best sports bags in terms of profitability.

5. Vollo Sports Workout

Mixed and cheap option

If you need a wallet to store your sports equipment or gym gear, but you can’t or don’t want to pay too much at the moment, Vollo Sports Workout is the best sports wallet for you. With everything a good bag needs and at a great price, it is a great option for those who are short on cash.

The Vollo Sports Workout is made of polyester as well as the best sports bags on this list. It has a waterproof bottom, which is perfect for those who practice water sports and don’t suffer from the unexpected such as rain or wet ground.

It has a large internal compartment where you can put all your equipment and more, being able to stay outside all day long and go directly from work to the gym. The straps are also very resistant and super comfortable, without hurting your hands or shoulders.

The product is highly rated by buyers, which is an excellent indicator of quality. Thanks to the different compartments, the excellent material and the low price, Vollo Sports Workout is on the list of the best sports bags under 100$.

6. Nike Teaduff

Better for everyday life

Not all bags are made for everyday life, but that’s not the case with Nike Teaduff: this practical and durable bag lets you live your routine without worry. With all the quality of Nike, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s the best gym bag for everyday life.

Nike Teaduff has dimensions of 45 x 24 x 25 cm, giving it a large interior space so you can carry everything you need conveniently and safely. The bag has several internal compartments to protect your most fragile and important belongings.

Its extremely practical shape makes it very easy to carry around and allows you to store the most diverse objects inside. It has super comfortable double straps and an adjustable shoulder strap, giving you total freedom to take it wherever you want in the most practical way.

With all these features, Nike Teaduff is the perfect companion for an active and intense routine: you’ve got everything you need with you, and it’ll stand up to any adventure. It still has hundreds of positive notes, making it the best sports purse for everyday use.

Have you chosen your sports bag?

After all that, you’re certainly ready to choose the sports bag that best suits your needs. Consider features such as material, design, size and, of course, style.

Don’t forget to check out all the sports bags on our list – one of them will certainly be of interest to you. Check out all the details and evaluations to make sure it’s the right sports bag, and then make the best choice.