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Bodybuilding gloves : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 27, 2020

Are you looking for the best bodybuilding glove? This article has been specially designed for people who love to train and who often go to the gym. If you fall into this category, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. And here we’ll talk about the best weight training gloves that will help you train more comfortably.

The best weight-bearing gloves 2024

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How to find the best products and what are the main advantages and disadvantages? It is important to consider your type of activity, the equipment you usually use and the exercises you do most often.

The main reason to buy weight-bearing gloves is to protect against calluses and abrasions. And in order for them to do their job, you need to consider the type, size and material of your gloves.


About weight-bearing gloves

They help to make your workout more comfortable, allowing you to gain more weight and even increase your body weight. They protect your hands from corns, abrasions, prevent them from stiffening and help prevent soiling (in this covid-19 period, this last factor is even more important) and prevent weights and bars from slipping off your hands.

There are models that also protect the wrist, as a kind of wrist protector, for those with tendinitis and also protect against joint injuries.

Weight training gloves can be used for any type of physical activity. Their shape adapts to the hand and offers a grip to hold the necessary objects. Weight training gloves are usually made of elastic materials, which help to provide a good grip.

Not only do you not pick up dirt from the weight-bearing glove, but you also don’t transfer your sweat to them. And you’ll be able to put more intensity into your workout because it won’t hurt when you pull or lift a dumbbell.

Still on the subject of hygiene, many gyms require the use of weight-bearing gloves during the exercises, to avoid sweating on the equipment. In addition, if your hand slips while lifting a weight, you can have injuries and fractures.

Buying guide: how to choose your gym glove?

First of all, you need to know what type of gym glove you will need. To do this, you can talk to your teacher/instructor to determine what is best for you and then see what size is right for you.

Then comes the material and what it protects, there are models with a trunnion, for example. But don’t worry, we will then help you understand each of the items we mention.

Sport weight training gloves are affordable products, so you won’t need to make a big investment to get one. For those who practice weightlifting, there are several levels of variation.

Types of bodybuilding gloves

The three main types of bodybuilding gloves are: the gutter bodybuilding glove, the half bodybuilding glove and the full bodybuilding glove. And each has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own characteristics. They are also known as training gloves, weight lifting gloves and half weight lifting gloves.

Gutterweight Gloves

The gutter bodybuilding glove is simple and inexpensive, ideal for weight gain. It protects only the palm of the hands, leaving the fingers free. It is designed for those who lift a lot of weight but don’t like the feeling of being stuck with their fingers. And the value is much lower than that of other bodybuilding gloves.

They should be used for continuous training in contact with the machine, such as bar work and crossfit. Some weight training gloves are glued only to the wrist and fingers, while others are circular and flat.

Half weight-bearing glove

The half bodybuilding glove is very versatile and is suitable for bodybuilding, spinning and crossfit. This model exposes the fingers. They are most common in gyms. They protect the palm of the hand up to the first two phalanges of the fingers, they avoid heat and problems due to friction.

Weightlifting gloves for weight training

Weightlifting bodybuilding gloves, also known as full body gloves, are specially designed for bodybuilding and weightlifting. They are stronger on the palms of the hands and protect the wrists, covering both the palm and fingers. They are recommended for people who gain a lot of weight.

If you buy a glove of a good brand, you will have no problem with flexibility and movement. People who practice light weight training and spinning can also buy this model, if they prefer it.

There are models of these full bodybuilding gloves that have ventilated mesh on the back of the hands, which avoids wearing so much in this area and allows for good perspiration.

Advantages of wearing a bodybuilding glove

Wearing a weight-bearing glove to train at the gym has many advantages. They improve your grip, help you lift more weight, which brings more safety.

It protects against friction, as has been said several times before. It helps protect you from calluses and injuries, being your main advantage. Finally, it contributes to hygiene, so that you don’t spread your sweat on the devices and dumbbells and you don’t have to keep on cleaning after use.

After you’ve outlined all the benefits and important features of each type of weight-lifting glove, you are now already aware of the importance of use and know what to look for when purchasing. But don’t forget some features that are also important.

Weight training gloves should fit the size of your hands, have good flexibility so that you are comfortable during training, and be the right size.

It’s also important that they provide elasticity, grip, and are made of materials that are ideal for quality and durability. Look for weight-bearing gloves preferably made of nylon mesh.

What is the best weight-bearing glove in 2024?

Below are our choices for the best weight-bearing gloves to wear to the gym this year. Pay attention to the characteristics of each of them in order to choose the best one for your daily life.

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Starflex Palmer Academy Unisex Weight Training Glove

Best weight training glove

Brand: Starflex | Model: Palmer | Gender: Sexless | Materials: Leather | Sizes: S, M, L and XL | Color: Black | Warranty: 3 months

The Starflex Palmer unisex bodybuilding glove is the best gym glove. Perfect for fitness exercises such as weight training and cycling. The weight glove is made of breathable polyamide fabric on the back and terry cloth on the thumb. The palm of the weight training glove is made of ecological leather with internal reinforcement, offering great protection to the user.

Between the fingers, it has lycra that offers movement and a firmer imprint on the equipment. It can be used by professional and amateur athletes. It is used to protect your hands and increase your resistance. It offers greater stability for exercises, better quality and better results.

Thanks to their velcro closure, they help relieve pressure on the hands and dissipate heat. In addition, they offer better grip on bars and dumbbells and greater stability.

Nike Men’s Fitness Strength Gloves – Fundamental

Best men’s bodybuilding glove

Brand: Nike | Age Range: Over 16 years old | Color: Black | Size: Small | Sports: Gymnastics, running, training | Supplier Warranty: Against all manufacturing defects | Material: Polyester, elastane, polyamide, PU | Weight Training Glove Type: Short finger weight training glove | Model: Basic | Gender: Male

The Nike Men’s Fitness Glove Fundamental is the best men’s fitness glove. It’s made of a unique padded one-piece construction, offering protection all the way down the length of the hand and making you comfortable so you can work out at ease. It has a synthetic leather palm protector.

Made with sewn grooves, leaving the main parts of the hand padded. Comes with a tongue in the handle for a better fit. Made of 68% polyester, 10% nylon, 8% spandex and 14% polyurethane. Offers a 30-day warranty for manufacturing defects.

Nike Woman Fundamental Fitness Glove

Best weight training glove for women

Brand : Nike | Color : Pink | Size : P | Suitable for : | Gender : Female

The Nike Woman Fundamental Fitness Glove is the best weight training glove for women. They are perfect for wearing in gyms, contributing to performance, safety and comfort. Made of polyester, polyurethane, nylon and elastane, with Velcro closure and short finger.

The composition is as follows: 68% polyester, 14% polyurethane, 10% nylon and 8% spandex. The color of the bodybuilding gloves is pink and is suitable for all types of women.

Progne Training Glove

Weight training glove with wrist protection

Brand: Progne Sports | Sizes: S, M, L | Material: Latex rubber and polyester fabric | Model: Woman | Use: Fitness | Indication: Training

Choose the ideal size for the Progne workout glove, do a simple test. Measure the size from the middle fingertip to the tip of the palm and compare with the chart: P – between 15 and 18 centimeters; M – between 18 and 20 centimeters; G – between 20 and 22 centimeters. With swivel, made of neoprene, perfect and firm fit, velcro closure.

Brand: Progne Sports | Color: Black | Size: P | Material: Neoprene | Station: All climates | Sports: Pilates, fitness exercises, weightlifting

The Progne training glove is a weight training glove with wrist protection. It is made of latex rubber, covered with a 100% polyester fabric, has a textured palm to help grip and ensure your safety during training.

To choose the right size for you, simply measure from the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your palm and compare with the following measurements :

  • Size P: between 15 and 18 cm ;
  • Size M: between 18 and 20 cm ;
  • Size G: between 20 and 22 cm.

Weightlifting Weightlifting Gloves Contraband 5050

Complete bodybuilding glove

Brand: Black Label contraband | Sizes: P, M, G and GG | Material: Nylon mesh and synthetic leather | Model: Unisex | Use: Weightlifting, physical activity | Indication: Professional and amateur athletes

The Contraband 5050 weightlifting glove is a weight training glove for bodybuilding. It is a very basic model with a durable leather palm and breathable mesh. They are indicated for gym workouts, bodybuilding and other physical activities. It is suitable for men, but can be worn by women with discretion.

The leather palm is split, with a breathable nylon mesh upper, neoprene padding and synthetic materials. The nylon mesh is very durable and doesn’t tear easily, it helps absorb moisture and prevents heat build-up in the workout gloves, allowing you to wear them longer during your workouts.

It is available in black, white, grey and red. The inside is synthetic with neoprene padding. It is a basic and affordable model with a half-finger design.

KSN018-P Wrist rest protector

Mini weight training gloves with wrist protection

Brand: Kestal | Origin: Brazil | Sizes: P and M | Material: Chloroprene rubber and polyamide fabric | Model: Unisex | Use: Bodybuilding, Cycling, RPM, Spinning and wheelchair and crutch users | Indication: Physical activities

The palm protector KSN018-P is a mini protective bodybuilding glove for sport. It has an elastic band for the palm of the hand, allowing you to practice your exercises with more peace of mind, comfort and safety. It’s an excellent way to prevent calluses and blisters that form as a result of hand friction with bodybuilding, cycling or crossfit equipment.

People who use wheelchairs and crutches can also use this protector with peace of mind. It is made of chloroprene rubber covered with a 100% polyamide fabric.

Progne neoprene bodybuilding glove

Cheap good weight training gloves

Brand: Progne Sports | Color: Pink | Size: S, M and L | Material: Neoprene | Station: All climates | Sports: Pilates, fitness exercises, weightlifting | Gender: Female

The Progne neoprene bodybuilding glove is a good and inexpensive bodybuilding glove. Available in sizes P, M and G. It is designed to protect the palm of the user’s hand and prevent the formation of bubbles and calluses when in contact with the equipment.

The palm is textured and padded, cushioning impacts and contact.

The design is open so that the user has more mobility in the fingers and sweat does not accumulate, as breathing is provided by the hand. The weight-bearing glove retains heat and promotes blood circulation, keeping the hand warm, preventing injuries and problems.

Lined interior, making contact with the skin pleasant.

The weight glove also has extra protection for the thumb, which helps prevent problems.



We hope you enjoyed the advice on bodybuilding gloves. You also discovered the factors to consider when making your choice.
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