Treadmill : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 27, 2020

Many people enjoy exercising at home, including walking. To make the most of your time and get the most out of your exercise, having a treadmill is a great advantage.

Brands make excellent quality products with common features and options. In this article, we present the best treadmill models to help you buy the one that is best for you.

Best Treadmills 2024

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For those who don’t have time to go to the gym, having a treadmill at home can be a great option to get in better shape.

The most important thing is to know how to choose the right equipment. It should be easy to use and practical so that you can walk or run while watching your favourite TV show or listening to good music.

There are so many options on the market that it’s hard to choose. But there are some criteria that are more relevant and you need to know which ones your next treadmill should have.

With the purchase of a treadmill, people who previously had excuses such as time or travel will be able to work out at home and fit it into their daily routine, reducing sedentary living.


Buying Guide: How to choose a treadmill?

When choosing your treadmill, it is important that you pay attention to certain criteria to avoid problems such as injuries and to prevent you from buying equipment that does not offer what you need. Pay attention to the key points to consider when choosing your model.

Walk or run

Find out if you will be using your treadmill for hiking or running. If it is the former, you may want to consider a simpler model, which may be a little narrower and more residential. If you’re a runner or want to get into running, it’s best to choose a more robust model, perhaps even a professional model, like those found in gyms. In this case, look for those that run at 13 km per hour.

It’s best to buy electric treadmills because they are much safer than mechanical treadmills, which are more likely to cause injuries and falls. Electric treadmills have a speed control feature, so you can choose when you want to walk and when you want to run, some even control your heart rate, not to mention the superior cushioning.

So if you are looking for the perfect model, come to the electric treadmill stores. They are a little more expensive, but you can be sure it’s worth it.


Make sure the canvas is non-slip so that you can exercise, walk or run without the risk of slipping and falling. If it is non-slip, it provides stability that maintains the user’s balance even in quick steps, otherwise you can end up injuring yourself due to the speed and friction of your shoe with the canvas. It is essential not to take unnecessary risks during exercise.

Also pay attention to the dimensions of the canvas belt. This has a direct influence on the safety of your treadmill at the time of use, as well as the intensity. Certain sizes are ideal for a safe and proper workout. For those who like to run, it is ideal to buy one with a canvas belt that is more than 40 cm wide.

The ideal width of the canvas depends on the intensity you are going to train. The narrower ones are for lighter walks, as they do not offer the same stability when running. The wider canvas offers a more comfortable base that fits your steps better and is suitable for those who like to run. If you buy a canvas larger than 40 cm, it will fit. But don’t forget that the minimum width is 38 cm.

The wider the canvas, the better. So if you can put a slightly wider mat in your space, choose the larger ones, which are more comfortable and versatile. As far as the length is concerned, you have to think about your stride + 10 cm, to have an ideal length.

To get the right size of your stride, simply multiply your stride size in centimeters by 0.65. This calculation is used to find out the minimum length your treadmill should be, but of course, if it is longer, you won’t have any problems, it’s even better. Give priority to treadmills that are at least 140 cm (4 feet) long so there are no errors.


As mentioned earlier, treadmills can be of two types, electrical or mechanical. In the case of the first, it is the power of the motor that drives the treadmill. This is also where you will be able to control your speed and heart rate.

The mechanical treadmill works at your own pace. It is much more difficult to use, especially if you are not familiar with the model, it takes someone more experienced who knows how it works. But no matter what engine you choose, be careful of your pace and don’t force it when you are not holding it, as this can cause serious injury to your body.

Benefits of buying a treadmill

We see many benefits for those who buy a treadmill for home. Some of them are the practice of walking and running which helps with endurance and balance, always working the cardiovascular part.

You can choose to walk and even run more intensely without worrying about when or when you will be out on the street. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat and lose weight, not to mention the resistance your body will gain.

You can also stay healthier by controlling your fat and cholesterol levels and other problems that can occur with a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. Finally, there are several benefits for those who decide to have a treadmill at home, helping them to both exercise and make their lives healthier and more correct.

Another advantage of having a good treadmill is the padding it provides. Those who are used to running or walking on the street know that it’s a little different and has a greater impact on their feet, legs and especially their knees, which can lead to injury. On the treadmill, you don’t run this risk and you can run quietly without having to worry as much about the shoes you will be using.

Having a treadmill at home can ultimately save you a lot of money because not only can you do your workouts and workouts with it, but so can your whole family. One member ends up motivating the other, and at the end of the day, everyone gets out of the sedentary lifestyle and starts exercising regularly, even if it’s just a walk on the treadmill.

What is the best treadmill?

We will now present you with a few models that we have selected as the best in their category to buy this year. Don’t forget to take into account everything we’ve taught you before when finalizing your purchase.

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ergonomic mat Kikos Ks4202i

Best Treadmill

Brand : Kikos | Dimensions : 185 x 81 x 140 cm | Maximum weight : 140 kg | Number of functions : 12

Kikos has been in the health products market for 30 years, taking care of its customers’ well-being, having several products, ideal for those who are looking for good shape without giving up the quality that only Kikos products offer.

The color of the treadmill is black, with a voltage of 220V and a speed of 1 to 20 km/h. It has a blue LCD screen with functions such as time, calories, speed, distance, heart rate, programs, inclination, difficulty level and safety button. Cardiac monitoring is provided by the handle, its motor is 3.0 HP DC. With electrostatic powder coating.

It has 12 programs and is foldable. Its electronic inclination system is from 0 to 20%, with an 8-point shock absorption system.

Its structure is made of carbon steel, its weight is 95 kg and the maximum supported weight is 140 kg. In addition, it has two object holders.


Best Treadmill for Guided Activities

Brand : Speedo | Dimensions : 208 x 86 x 150 cm | Maximum weight : 160 kg | Number of functions : More than 10

The Speedo TR8 treadmill is a professional model of the Speedo line, designed for both gyms and residences. A robust belt, with a powerful motor, which supports users up to 160 kg and a high throughput.

It has indeed a professional dimension, a double damping system, speakers, a helmet input, a built-in fan, a heartbeat sensor and easy access keys on the panel.

Ideal for those who want a treadmill that is solid, beautiful, sturdy, functional and comfortable at a fair price! Workout in complete peace of mind in a spacious running area. The TR8 Pro can reach a gradient of up to 18%, which increases the user’s training and energy expenditure.

With intelligent and personalized programs, create your own personalized exercises or explore all the predefined options that will allow you to train in a pleasant and effective way.

With multi-layer shock absorption system, high-powered sound system: MP3 and audio input, dual safety function with immediate stop and soft stop and 12 intelligent running programs, 3 user-defined modes.

New support design for mobile devices, professional intelligent fan and simple interface, with quick buttons for speed, tilt and programs.

Treadmill Movement R4

Treadmill quality and cheap

Brand : Movement | Dimensions : 130 x 73 x 170 cm | Maximum weight : 110 kg | Number of functions : 7

Get out of a sedentary life in the comfort of your home with the Movement R4 treadmill. Ideal for those who want to start training or maintain their performance, it is compact and foldable and adapts to the most varied environments in your home, making smart use of space.

It is equipped with a 2 HP DC motor that allows a silent exercise adapted to the user’s needs.

Cushioning system with 6 shock absorbers for greater comfort, manual tilt system with 2 levels of adjustment, safety switch, Fast track on the handrail for comfort and safety.

In addition, the store door/shelf, trekking door, wheels for easy transport and a 5″ LCD monitor with easy to read backlight and operation that allows complete monitoring of exercise by speed, distance, calories, heart rate monitoring and time. Get yours now and run comfortably, simply and efficiently.

Kikos Kx9500 Mat

Professional Treadmill

Brand : Kikos | Dimensions : 215 x 98 x 162 cm | Maximum weight : 180 kg | Number of functions : More than 10

This treadmill is professional and can reach speeds from 1 to 22 km/hour. Its screen displays time, calories, speed, distance, heart rate, programs, incline, difficulty level and safety key.

Its cardiac monitoring is done by a counter of heartbeats per print. With the 5HP AC monitor, the electrostatic powder coating and its inclination system goes from 0 to 20%.

With 8-point absorption system. The weight of the product is 200 kg and the maximum weight it can hold is 180 kg.



Knowing all of these features, you are sure to find the best treadmill.