Rower : best brand comparison by Musklor

On December 1, 2020

Rowing is a sport with multiple benefits for the body, and is arguably one of the most comprehensive sports that can exist. It works almost all the muscles at the same time, increases endurance and burns a lot of calories. However, it is not a very popular sport, due to the need for very specific training conditions.

The best rowers in 2024

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But there is a device that could replace it: the rower. It can imitate the movements of traditional rowing with great precision and bring all its advantages. But what are these advantages? How to choose the best rower? And what are the best rowers on the market?


Why buy rowers?

Before we look at the rower, it is interesting to remember their main advantages.

Whole body exercise

Those who think that rowing is a sport that only exercises the arms are mistaken: it is a sport that exercises almost all muscles. The rower works not only the arms, but also the back, chest, abdomen and legs. With every movement, all these muscles are working. The result: a well sculpted body.

High caloric expenditure

As you can imagine, working the whole body is not easy. It is estimated that up to 500 calories can be expended during a 30-minute rowing session.

As you increase your muscle mass, your muscles consume more energy. In other words, the rower promotes the loss of calories during and after the effort.

Improvement of cardiorespiratory resistance

The heart and breathing are closely linked: the heart pumps blood through the lungs and carries oxygen to the body’s tissues. Oxygen is needed to keep the body energized and active. When your body’s energy needs are not met, you feel tired.

The ability to supply energy to the body is called cardiorespiratory resistance. The greater your cardiorespiratory resistance, the more oxygen you will be able to deliver to the cells, allowing you not only to exercise longer, but also to lead a more active life with less fatigue.

How do you choose the best rower?

Here are some important criteria for choosing the best rower.

Types of rowers

There are two types of rowers: the closed rowing machine and the open rowing machine, both of which are excellent for the back.

The closed rowing machine is the most common model. It does not clutter up, ideal for small spaces. It is usually used with a handle in front of the user.

The open rowing machine is not a common model, but it does exist. The oars are located on both sides of the device, just like a traditional oar.

Types of loading

In rowers, there are essentially two types of load: mechanical and magnetic.

Mechanical loading is the type that uses weights to adjust the strength of the machine and the intensity of the exercise. Magnetic loading uses magnets to create this resistance.

The use of magnetic loading is highly recommended for three reasons: safety, comfort and convenience.

Safety: Because magnetic loading does not involve weights, there is no risk of weights coming off.

Comfort: Magnetic loading makes exercise more comfortable and saves your body unnecessary effort.

Convenience: It is much easier to change the intensity of exercise when working with magnetic loads. Instead of touching weights, as with mechanical loads, just press a few buttons and the machine does the rest of the work.


Comfort can be an issue when participating in physical activities. Rowers are comfortable because you are exercising in a seated position. Choose machines with anatomical seats that help you maintain your posture without affecting your performance.

A good rower should have handles (and other parts) that are comfortable to the touch and preferably have rubber covers.

These seemingly simple details make a big difference when it comes to repeating the same movement over and over again.

Who are the best rowers?

To help you choose the best rower, here is a selection of the best models of the moment.

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1. Rowing Reebok AR Rower Silver

Best rower

If you want the best experience, the Reebok AR Rower Silver is the best rower for you. It’s the perfect equipment for cardio training and muscle growth.

The AR Rower offers a smooth, low-impact rotation that will allow you to work up to 85% of your muscles simultaneously.

The LCD screen accurately displays all the information you need to track your workout, such as usage time, calories burned and functions for specific workouts.

The seat is extremely comfortable and has been designed to give you the best possible experience without disturbing your posture.

The non-slip rubber pads will allow you to give your best while being stable. The handle is safe and comfortable for your movements.

This rower has 16 different intensities, so you can always have the ideal exercise for your level of experience. It offers 12 predefined workout programs to challenge your body and take it to the next level.

Foldable, wheeled and very practical, this machine is popular with the general public, who give it excellent evaluations.

2. Pelegrin Pel-fit16

Best value for money

If you are looking for complete equipment at an affordable price, Pelegrin Pel-fit16 is the right model for you.

The Pelegrin Pel-fit16 has an open rowing design, which means that it mimics the real movements of a traditional rowing machine.

As a result, you’ll work virtually the same muscles as if you were on a real kayak: chest, abdomen, back, arms and legs.

With a rigid and firm metal structure of premium quality, you will be able to give your maximum whatever the intensity of the activity.

Moreover, the device offers an adjustable resistance so that everyone, regardless of their level of experience, can have an excellent experience.

The digital display shows activity time, calories burned, number of repetitions and other extremely useful information to optimize your workout.

The anatomical seat and rubber supports ensure a comfortable and stable workout.

3. Pelegrin Pel-fit34

The most comfortable

For those who value comfort above all else, Pelegrin Pel-fit34 is the rowing machine for you.

With a rubber finish, a solid structure and different intensity levels, it is the best model for a comfortable and efficient workout.

The Pel-fit34 features a magnetic charging system, making the exercise very low impact and more efficient in terms of caloric expenditure.

With 8 different intensity levels, users can enjoy a great workout and get the most out of the machine.

The structure of the simulator is extremely solid and supports up to 135 kg. The anatomical seat offers the best experience for all users.

The rubber finish increases hand comfort and safety and foot stability, thus improving exercise efficiency.

The digital display shows important information for your workout, such as exercise duration, repetitions, calories burned…

This unit is foldable and can be used in small spaces, making it ideal for home training.

4. Podiumfit RS100

The best option to use at home

If you train at home and want equipment that allows for a good workout, can be used by several people and is not bulky, the RS100 Podiumfit is the model best suited to your needs.

The RS100 Podiumfit’s extremely durable construction is ideal for daily use by several people, regardless of the intensity of the exercise.

In terms of intensity, the device offers 4 different levels, allowing both beginners and experts to use it properly.

The Podiumfit RS100 is extremely quiet. This feature is more than interesting when you live with other people, especially if you work out while others are enjoying their sleep.

To prevent anyone from bumping into the rowing machine, it is foldable and easy to store.



Rowing is a very complete activity that, in addition to working almost the entire body, improves cardiorespiratory resistance and helps to lose weight.

For those who cannot or do not wish to practice rowing in the water, there are rowers who provide the same benefits as rowing.

To choose the best rowing machine, consider your space, the comfort of the machine, and the type of load.