Weight plate : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 13, 2020

The best weight plates are very versatile equipment that can be found in different shapes. It is important to know their specificities in order to better choose them and buy a weight adapted to our morphology and the type of exercise we do.

Basic equipment for all gyms, weight discs are versatile and allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises, especially at the bar. In the case of multifunctional rings, this versatility is even greater, facilitating exercises without the bar thanks to its ergonomic design.


Best discs and weights in 2024

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The good thing is that nowadays everybody can train with rings even without going to the gym: they are easy to store and it is possible to find them at very interesting prices. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to or can’t leave the house to train.

But what types of records are available? Are there different materials? What is the best weight shape for each type of exercise?

Check out the Musklor comparison to find out, as well as our exclusive selection of the best weight models in 2020. Let’s get started!


How do I use the weight discs?

Some people think that discs are just extra weights to be attached to a bar for exercises like bar lifts. However, they are much more than that and allow many more weight training sessions, especially when we talk about the most modern designs and models.

Barbell or dumbbells…

Well, the most classic use is obviously the one mentioned above: the disc is attached to a bar, which can be of variable size. Large bars are used with heavier discs for two-handed exercises; short bars are used with smaller, lighter weights to create dumbbells of varying weights.

In this case, a great advantage of having several shapes of weight plates at your disposal is the ability to customize the weight of your equipment, making it much more versatile for your specific need.

It would be impossible to list all the exercises that can be done with the barbell and discs, but here is a video with some examples

disc weight setup


The disc alone

Those who think that the ring can only be used with bars are wrong. They are equipment that, in themselves, allow a wide variety of exercises to strengthen not only the arms, but also the legs, shoulders and various other muscle groups.

With this in mind, many rings now have a versatile design that not only allows for use in conjunction with a bar, but also makes it easier to handle the ring. These are the so-called leaky rings, which we will talk about in a moment.

One of the main advantages is that the washers take up very little space and are easy to transport. You can store them in a drawer or in any corner of your house without any problem and use them whenever you want.

If you’re still not convinced that you can exercise with just one ring, watch this video :



Buying guide: How to choose the best weight training disc?

Are you happy to have your own gym at home? It’s cool, but you have to take it slow: before you buy, there are some important factors to consider. Only then will you be able to choose the best disc for your case and make the best use of your equipment.

Don’t forget to check out our other items for which we recommend equipment such as the best gym gloves and exercise dumbbells.

What kind of exercise do you want to do?

As we said before, the rings are very versatile and can be used in many ways to exercise almost any part of the body. Still, some types of rings may be better suited to each individual case due to their design.

Several discs

The stacked discs are the ones everyone already knows: a large washer with a hole in the middle, where the bars will be fixed. This type of ring is also known as a “weight” in some areas, precisely because this is its main function: to provide extra weight to the bar, depending on the exercise.

Weight discs

Leaky washers have this name precisely because they have a differentiated design that includes certain openings in the disc. This feature makes them much easier to carry and handle, which is very interesting for those who want to do exercises without the bar.

Olympic Oval

This is not a new type of disc, but a variation of the other two types. What happens is that the Olympic rings are sized to be used with an Olympic bar, which has a different diameter. In general, there is not much difference between the Olympic rings and conventional rings, but they are recommended for those who practice Olympic inquiry.

So, what is the best disc for you?

If you intend to do exercises with the rings alone (alternating with the bar or not), the most recommended are the leaking rings, which improves the imprint. If you only want to do barbell exercises or dumbbells, it doesn’t matter which model you choose: both will give you what you need.

Which is the best equipment?

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There are certain classifications of materials when it comes to washers. Each of them is more interesting for one type of exercise, so stay tuned :

Metal discs are best suited for powerlifting workouts where the bar does not fall to the ground.

Metal weights with rubber coating are better protected against oxidation and do not damage the floor in case of a fall.

Bumpers, on the other hand, are usually made entirely of rubber. They are used in weightlifting and crossfit, in which the bar is released to the ground.

Knowing this, just choose according to your type of training.



What are the best discs to use at the gym or at home?

Now that you know a little more about the types of discs and the exercises you can do with them, it’s time to choose! And to do so, we’ve made a special selection of the best rings available today.

1. Polimet rubber ring

Best disc for the gym

Available in versions of 1, 5, 10, 15 and 25 kg, the Polimet rubber ring is the best gymnastic ring thanks to its hollow shape which allows a greater variety of exercises, either traditional bar exercises or exercises using only the rings.

Made of top quality cast iron, it is a disc made to last a lifetime. Thanks to the PVC covering, you will have total safety in your home or gym against possible falls that could damage the floor, furniture and other equipment.

Thanks to these characteristics, we consider the Polimet disc to be the best gym disc (which does not prevent you from using it at home). The price is very attractive for a replacement disc and the investment is certainly worth it.


2. Slade Fitness

Best value for money

If you want a kit for immediate use and at an excellent price, this kit from Slade Fitness is the right choice, being the best ring in terms of cost-benefit. The kit includes a 1.30 m bar, two 4 kg washers and two 5 kg washers, allowing configurations up to 18 kg.

The discs are made of cast iron and usually covered with a PVC finish, which ensures greater durability and comfort during handling. The molded design of the discs allows, in addition to bar exercises, various exercises that only use this weight training equipment.

This kit is ideal for those who do not want to leave home to train, but do not give up professional quality at the time of training. Thanks to the excellent price and quality of the equipment, the Slade Fitness kit is ranked as the best ring in terms of cost-benefit ratio.


3. Fitness Initiative

Best disc for beginners

The Fitness Initiative’s 5 kg puck is most likely the best starting ring due to its price and design. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, even the most inexperienced will be able to do exercises in a simple and intuitive way, without even needing a bar.

The Fitness Initiative washer is made of top quality cast iron, which gives it an exceptional durability that is hard to find today. Apart from that, the equipment is still provided with a special paint that protects it from oxidation and allows for easy and quick maintenance.

All of these factors are extremely relevant for those who want to get into the bodybuilding world right away, giving their best to learn without worrying too much about the equipment. This is why the Fitness Initiative Ring is on our list of the best beginner rings.



4. RLM Store

Best rubber ring kit

For those who want a complete product, the best washers are those in this rubberized kit from RLM Store. With several items in the same product, you can create settings from 4 to 40 kg in bars and dumbbells, and use the washers themselves as solo training equipment.

Specifically, the kit includes: 4 rubber discs of 2 kg, 4 washers of 3 kg and 4 washers of 5 kg, for a total of 40 kg. It is also equipped with a long bar of 1.20 m and two smaller bars of 40 cm, allowing you to do the exercise you want, either on the bar or on the dumbbells.

Made of first class cast iron, the washers are covered with a high quality PVC coating, creating a protective barrier in case of a fall. This feature is ideal for use at home or in a gym, where we always have less experienced users.

The leaking washers still allow for a whole new range of exercises, which only increases the level of the product. Thanks to the versatility of this complete set, the RLM Store kit enters our list as the best rubber ring kit.



5. Slade Fitness Disc Plate

For Crossfit Practitioners

If you practice crossfit, the Slade Fitness Bumper Plate is the best ring on the market for you. Designed specifically for crossfitters, it offers everything you need to get the most out of your workout.

Entirely made of high-strength stainless steel, the bumper plate is easy to clean and has a long lifespan. The only observation of the manufacturer is that the product is used on a rubber floor. Otherwise, it is possible that both the washing machine and the floor will be damaged, and that is not what you want.

But apart from this small point, the washer is of excellent quality and well evaluated by customers, which gives us reason to classify it as the best washer for crossfit practice.

disc weight on the floor



We hope it has become obvious that the best weight for you will depend on its use. Leaky rings are perfect if you want to do exercises without a bar, but otherwise the common rings will do the trick.

The material is also important: a rubber coating helps preserve both the ring and the floor, and is especially recommended in modalities such as crossfit and weightlifting, where the bar is released from above.

Now, how about taking a look at the products we’ve separated for you? You’re sure to find the best record for your business.

So, what do you think is the best shape? Leave a comment! And for more information on the world of sports, keep an eye on our blog. See you later!