Vibrating platform : best brand comparison by Musklor

On December 1, 2020

The best vibrating platforms provide benefits such as weight loss, muscle mass gain and even bone strengthening.

With each passing day, the idea of exercising at home becomes more and more interesting. And there are many reasons for this: traffic, lack of time, violence in the streets, children, comfort, etc.

And in order to make exercise possible, a lot of equipment has been specially developed for this purpose, such as the vibrating platform.

The best vibrating platforms in 2024.

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The vibrating platform is a piece of equipment which, as its name suggests, is capable of creating oscillations at different intensities. These oscillations are able to potentiate the training, bringing benefits to bones, joints and much more.

But what are these benefits? Is it worth investing in this equipment? And if so, what is the best vibrating platform available today?


What are the benefits of vibrating platforms?

It may seem strange to think that simple vibrations have the power to improve our bodies. However, this is exactly what happens when you use a vibrating platform, which acts in different ways in your body.

To help you understand a little more about how these devices act on our bodies, watch the video below.

But beware: even the best vibrating platform in the world – or any other device – can’t do it all on its own. To get the best results, you need a good diet and an exercise program.

That said, let’s get to the benefits!

Increases muscle structure

The first advantage of vibrating platforms is precisely one of the most sought-after: the gain in muscle structure. This happens because the vibrations of the equipment stimulate the muscles, which undergo the effort and thus become stronger.

In most cases, the vibrations work very well for the legs. But if you want results for the whole body, the best vibrating platform should also be able to work the muscles of the arms, back, abdomen, etc.

Improves blood circulation

As the body vibrates and muscles struggle, they need to receive more and more blood to get the necessary oxygen into their cells. Therefore, one of the most interesting benefits of vibrating platforms is precisely the improvement of blood circulation, often even creating new vessels to “feed” your body.

The growth of muscles, which we mentioned earlier, also contributes to this effect: the more muscles you have, the more oxygen they need, so your body naturally adapts to provide them with more blood.

It promotes weight loss

When using the vibrating platform, weight loss occurs for two reasons, and the best vibrating platform should be able to create both. The first is more obvious: when your body vibrates, it wastes energy, consuming more calories and causing you to lose weight.

The other reason is not well known, but it is very interesting and is related to muscle growth. Didn’t we say that when muscles grow, blood circulation in the area improves? Because it is precisely all this oxygen that helps break down fat molecules into energy, that is to say: you naturally spend more energy.

Strengthening bones and joints

As we age, bones and joints wear out naturally. However, this effect is much faster with poor diet, overweight and lack of exercise. The vibrating platform creates – gently – the need for stronger bones and joints, so your body adapts to this need by improving these parts of the body.

This fact makes vibrating platforms extremely useful for people who suffer from problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis or who need physical rehabilitation. If you have any of these needs, then the best vibrating platform should be effective in strengthening bones and joints.

Reducing pain

As we have already said, vibrating platforms are very interesting for people with bone and joint problems, as they make them stronger and reduce the pain caused by rheumatism, for example.

But the pain is reduced throughout the body, not just in the bones: the muscles become stronger and posture improves, which considerably reduces the daily pain. In addition, exercise contributes to the release of wellness hormones, which also act as analgesics throughout the body.

Accelerates your results

One of the greatest advantages of the vibrating platform is that it is able to potentiate practically any type of training. Want to gain muscle? It helps you develop. Want to lose weight? It helps you lose fat. Need stronger bones? The platform does that too.

It doesn’t happen for just one reason, but for many of the reasons listed. Acting in so many different ways, the vibrations are actually able to create chain effects that bring one benefit after another and begin to produce results much sooner than expected.

What are the best vibrating platforms?

You already know the benefits of the equipment, but can you tell which is the best vibrating platform available? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a handpicked list of products to energize your workouts and get you in shape!

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1) Kikos P200

Best Vibrating Platform

If you want a device that can really shake up your results, the Kikos P200 is the best vibrating platform for you. With a power output of 300W, it is capable of improving blood circulation, accelerating weight loss and improving bone structure, being probably the best vibrating platform available today.

It has a 10 mm wide lateral vibration system and 30 vibration intensities, which allows you to obtain the ideal frequency for all your exercises. The carbon steel structure is extremely solid and supports users up to 120 kg.

The display has 3 windows with various information about your exercise, such as time and calories burned. Finally, their small size makes them very practical and easy to store, allowing even people with very little space to enjoy all its benefits.

This product has been very well evaluated by users, who praise its practicality and ease of use, in addition to reporting results in the first few weeks. As the Kikos P200 has everything that a good vibrating platform should have, we think it should be at the top of the list of the best vibrating platforms.

2. Relax Vibro Uitech

Best cost-benefit ratio

For those who want an almost complete equipment at a very affordable price, we have the Uitech Relax Vibro. It is able to offer almost all the benefits of vibrating platforms, such as weight loss, improved circulation and muscle tone, being our choice of the best vibrating platform in terms of cost-benefit.

Relax Vibro uses an elliptical oscillation to create powerful vibrations that act on the entire lower and upper body. With low to intense oscillations, it easily adapts to your type of workout and accelerates your results, whether it’s for slimming, strength training or other types of workouts.

In addition to the platform, you receive two side handles, which can be used to improve your stability on the platform or to perform new types of exercises with your arms. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to store in any space in your home.

Users of the product’s website report an excellent daily training experience at home and satisfactory results in body strengthening. Therefore, and considering the super affordable price, we consider Relax Vibro Uitech to be the best vibrating platform in terms of profitability.

3. Genis Ab Max

Best Platform for the Abdomen

If you want to bite your abdomen in a simple and fun way, the Genis Ab Max is the best exercise platform for you. With a system that allows you to burn calories throughout the workout and works all your abdominal muscles at the same time, it’s the perfect option for losing tires.

Doing abs on your own can be tricky: being slightly out of position can lead to injury or misuse of your time and energy. Ab Max has a special design that guides your movements, leaving you in the right position to get the best performance and best calorie loss with each repetition.

It even turns into a completely different device that allows you to train your legs, arms, buttocks and more. What’s more, it’s extremely compact and can be easily stored on top of the cabinet or in a corner between pieces of furniture.

Users rate this product very highly, praising its practicality and recommending it to those who want to lose their tummy. That’s why the Genis Ab Max abdominal platform is certainly on our list as one of the best exercise platforms.

4. Kikos Fitplate IX

A more complete option

If what you are looking for is the most complete option, Kikos Fitplate IX is the best vibrating platform on the market today.

The Kikos Fitplate IX is equipped with a 200 watt motor that can produce side vibrations of up to 50 watts. It can be customized for those who need a lighter workout and for those who really want to get heavy.

Its carbon steel structure is extremely durable and the handrails provide ideal stability for your workouts. In the full display you will find information on the duration of use, calories lost and the current intensity of the oscillations, which can be easily adjusted.

In short, we conclude that the Kikos Fitplate IX is an extremely comprehensive platform that will be useful for people in rehabilitation, with bone problems or wishing to get fit. Thus, we can say that the Kikos Fitplate IX is the best vibrating platform for those who want the most complete equipment possible.

5. Genis Energym Pro

A more versatile platform

The innovative design of the Genis Energym Pro makes it the best vibrating platform for those who want versatility. In a single unit, the platform is capable of stimulating both upper and lower muscles, while allowing for strength training exercises.

The Genis Energym Pro can be used in many different ways. The walking simulation becomes more intense as the feet get closer to the edges, and the vibrations act on the whole body. It also has a plug-in rod that allows different positions on the platform to train other parts of the body such as the arms and legs.

The product also comes with two extension arms, which are intensified by the vibrations. The platform is compact and easy to store, and its functions can be extended even further with other Genis Energym products.

Supporting up to 120 kg, the Genis Energym Prom is certainly one of the most complete vibrating platforms on the market. For the wide variety of exercises and a fair price, it ranks in our list as the best vibrating platform in terms of versatility.


So, what do you say you go work out?

After this article, you will certainly have a much better idea of the advantages that the best vibrating platforms can offer. The coolest thing of all is that one benefit attracts the other, resulting in much faster results in fat loss, muscle tone and bone strength.

To choose the vibrating platform that’s right for you, be sure to check out all the products and enter each seller’s page. There you’ll find more specific information, details that may have changed, and buyer reviews.