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On November 27, 2020

A skipping rope to buy? This is the subject of our article today.

Like most people, you probably jumped rope in your schoolyard? Or have you been practicing and had to jump rope during warm-ups?

Best skipping ropes in 2024.

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But be aware that this practice has many advantages. You can jump rope anywhere and the exercises can help you improve your cardio, footwork and overall health.

And with the coronavirus pandemic turning our homes into gymnasiums, a skipping rope is a great piece of equipment for extra cardio exercise without using too much space or elaborate equipment.

Skipping ropes have become an essential piece of equipment for fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to the popularity of intensive workouts such as HIIT and CrossFit, and thanks to fitness vloggers on social networks, it is easy to see why skipping rope has become a success.

It burns calories quickly, gets you fit and toned, you can do it at home and ropes are cheap. But what’s best for you really depends on what you need, in terms of intensity.

Beginners will need a light, basic and fast rope before they can jump on a heavy rope to help you better understand the time when you jump at slower paces.

Those who are working on improving pace, coordination, increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning will choose heavier ropes.

If you haven’t skipped ropes since the second grade or if you are a CrossFitter and compete at a high level, we have established a selection of the best ropes to jump for all levels. Once you have your rope, just go practice your new exercises.


Buying Guide: how to choose a skipping rope

It is an exercise that can be practiced anywhere, including outdoors, and therefore it is strongly recommended to practice it regularly at any age.

Even for those who are just beginning to practice a little exercise, as it is very complete and does not require a lot of strength, providing as benefits the slimming, toning of the leg muscles and is indicated to improve the posture of the user.

Although it is indicated for most people, it is not ideal for obese or extremely overweight people, who suffer from osteoarthritis, nor for pregnant women. For those who can, try to wear an adapted shoe that offers the necessary padding.

What is a skipping rope?

It is an equipment used for training at the same time as any type of sport, especially fights. It is indicated for those who wish to exercise but cannot go to the gym regularly.

The skipping rope can be used anywhere and at any time and it doesn’t take much time for the practice to produce results.

It is very easy to use and can be carried anywhere, in addition to being an inexpensive piece of equipment considering the cost-benefit ratio.

Anyone can use it. It is very easy and simple and can be practiced by people of all ages. Of course, since it is a cardio exercise, it is important that if you have a restrictive health problem, you talk to your doctor first.

Possible exercises to learn to skip rope

Beginners tend to think that they will never have enough skill to do fast, synchronized jumps, but don’t worry, with practice you will also be able to look good on the jumps.

You can do exercises that improve your coordination so that you can synchronize your jump with the twist of the rope and soon you’ll be jumping like a pro.

Do bungee jumping exercises, which are simple and we can all make your coordination work. It’s also a very complete exercise that works several areas of the body. And all you have to do is open and close your arms and legs together.

After you’ve been bungee jumping for a while, you can start simulating the jump at the same time as the rope movement, but without it. This will help you to get used to the movement and the height you will have to jump.

Then start doing the same simulation, but this time holding the rope in one hand and doing the jumping motion, it will put you in mental condition to hear the noise and jump at the same time.

After doing all these simulations, start doing the movement very slowly until you get used to it and start increasing the speed. You will soon find yourself jumping like a pro.

Advantages and Benefits

The skipping rope is so good for your health that most professional athletes include it in their training. As mentioned above, it helps burn calories, tone lower muscles, strengthen upper muscles, increase agility, increase physical endurance and improve posture.

The skipping rope typically burns about 10 calories per minute, so you can do a super intense workout in a few minutes without taking too much of your time. It’s even better than running.

It’s a great help for those who want to lose weight and also helps you to have a beautiful body by strengthening many of your muscles.

It is very interesting for those who like to exercise and even for those who are starting out in this life more fit to get a skipping rope.

It brings as benefits the burning of calories, it is good for your health, it increases your agility, it is indicated for all ages and your expenses will be very low. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t help your muscles to hypertrophy as much as it does bodybuilding.

What is the best rope for beginners?

For beginners, the ideal is to choose thicker ropes, so that the friction they cause in the air allows you to do the rotation in more time, until you can have more agility and be very fast, so that you can replace it with other models.

Don’t try to jump too high and train with the exercises we show you to get the hang of it.

What is the best skipping rope?

We will now present you with our choices of the best skipping ropes, so that you can choose and purchase the one that best suits your lifestyle and level of practice.

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Atrio Speed Cross Fit skipping rope

Best skipping rope

Brand: Atrio | Color: Blue | Size: Adjustable | Sports: Weight Training | Model: ES231 | Material: PVC and steel | Type: Speed Cross rope | Length: 3 m | Warranty: 3 months | Gender: Unisex

Made of PVC and steel, this skipping rope guarantees comfort and quality to users.

It ensures tonicity and calorie burning, which helps in training. Not to mention that having a skipping rope at home helps increase your agility and coordination.

You can strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, because this fat will do it all.

The Last Jump Rope

The best cost-benefit ratio of the skipping rope

Brand : Everlast | Material : PVC | Size : 3,14 meters | Adjustable : Yes | Sex : Unisex | Indicated for : Training and competition | Material : Forged silicone

Perfect for use in many sports, such as boxing, functional arts, martial arts, training, activities and all kinds of fitness exercises. It was developed exactly for this purpose.

The rope has been manufactured in one size, with a very resistant material. With super anatomical handles that fit your hands perfectly and ensure stability in use.

It is a yellow winding rope from Everlast. The standard length of the rope is 3.14 meters.

Vollo Sports Jump Rope

Best skipping rope with landing

Brand : Vollo | Material : Steel | Size : 3 meters | Adjustable : Yes | Sex : Unisex | Indicated for : Day to day | Age range : All ages | Color : Black and grey | Size : 300 cm x 0,4 cm | Care instructions : Hand wash | Sports : Fitness | Department : Unisex | Type of rope : Traditional

Developed in steel with anatomical hand grips, and therefore more comfortable, so you can train at higher speeds.

This rope works with an adjustment to regulate according to your size. This way you can train your endurance and gain experience in this sport, with endurance, improve your balance and fitness.

Without forgetting that it is a great help to tone muscles.

Heaven2017 Skip Rope

Jump rope for strength training

Brand : Heaven2017 | Material : Polyester | Size : 270 cm | Adjustable : Yes | Sex : Unisex | Indicated for : Formation

This is a weighted skipping rope, ideal for those who like a well-pulling strength training, made of polyester.

It is a very durable piece of equipment, as well as being resistant and does not wear out.

The length is 2 meters and 70 cm, ideal for people of all sizes, with a thickness of 25 mm, which makes it a much thicker rope than other common ropes made for jumps.

As it is much thicker, it is not easy to twist, tie or bend it. You will be able to burn your calories very comfortably and efficiently.

Yangfit Skipping Rope

Best skipping rope for beginners

Brand: Yangfit | Material: PVC coated steel cable | Size: 300 cm | Adjustable: Yes | Sex: Unisex | Suitable for : Training

3 meters long and manufactured with a steel cable. It helps to tone muscles, agility, endurance, strength and balance, all while having fun.

You can train at high speed if you can, the rope is extremely strong and has two bearings, allowing you to have even more agility.

The waist can be adjusted with a lock that comes on the rope. After a long period of use, if it ends up being worn, you can change the rope and enjoy the rest.

It is made of PVC coated steel and the bearing is made of plastic. You can choose between red, green, blue, yellow and black, just see the color that suits you best.

The diameter of the rope is 0.2 cm, with a length of 3 meters. The handles have a diameter of 1.5 cm.

Honorall skipping rope

Best aerobic rope skipping exercise

Brand : Honorall | Material : Foam | Size : 300 cm | Adjustable : Yes | Sex : Unisex | Suitable for : Aerobic exercises

It has a lightweight strap that helps you to be comfortable during exercise, in addition to being super resistant, because it is light; it is very easy to carry with you wherever you want.

The rope will have a good life span and will be very resistant, so you can use it at any time.

It is equipped with a high quality ball bearing, ensuring a very smooth movement during use, so you can jump as fast as possible.

The twist is also done with less effort, plus it won’t get tangled, so you can store it quietly and use it the next day.

Perfect for cardio training, with foam grips that keep your hands comfortable and prevent tension. It offers a good grip, avoiding sweat on your hands, so you can jump with more peace of mind.

The rope is fully adjustable, easy to use, you can adjust it according to your size to the length you prefer.



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