Dumbbells : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 17, 2020

People who usually do weight training and other forms of indoor sports usually use auxiliary devices such as dumbbells and cast iron discs, which are weight bars used to work specific areas and achieve the desired results. In times of social isolation, many people practice their exercises at home and look for suitable equipment for these practices. Dumbbells are an interesting option, in this article we have tested and compared the best dumbbells to help you make the best choice to work out effectively.

There are also people who prefer to train at home and others who like to complement their training with indoor classes. With this comparison, we want to help all users find the best type of dumbbell to buy this year.


The best dumbbells 2024

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About Dumbbells

The weight we lift during exercise at the gym is nothing more than a dumbbell. But it’s a super simple piece of equipment that you can quietly have at home and the ideal weight will really depend on your practice, your routine and your physical condition.

Don’t think, wrongly and mistakenly, that the higher your weight, the more muscles you have and the better it is, because you have to gradually increase your weight and get used to exercising and therefore gradually increase your weight, because it is not a test of strength. They serve to break down the fibers by making simple movements difficult when building muscles.

Anything that presents a difficulty during exercise can be considered a dumbbell, because it meets the same need.

The origin of this equipment comes from Ancient Greece, which is the mother country of the Olympic Games, so they gave birth to several pieces of equipment used for the practice of exercises and sports.

The dumbbells were created because there were already small weightlifting championships, they were used to prepare the conditioning of the athletes for training.


Types of exercises practiced with dumbbells

All exercise is good for your health and to strengthen your muscles, bones, mind and body, help your posture and release your endorphins, making you feel much better. With dumbbells, you can do both unilateral and bilateral exercises.

Unilateral exercises are those where you work on your limbs separately, for example by working on your right arm first and then your left arm. Bilateral exercises, as their name already indicates, consist of working both arms simultaneously, the example being to work both arms at the same time.

The exercises that can be done with dumbbells are various, but here are some of the main and most complete ones that you can practice with the equipment: squats, push-ups, triceps, side lifts, shoulder lifts, biceps and paddling. All of these activities can be done in different ways and for different areas of the muscles.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are certain advantages to having a dumbbell at home. They are easy to use, shock resistant, have a long life span, can be purchased in several weight options and can be used by everyone from beginners to intermediate to advanced.

They are very versatile and can be used in many different exercises. So ideal for those who use them at home.

Among the disadvantages are some situations of misuse of the equipment, such as the risk of doing with inadequate posture because they are without professional guidance, the difficulty of positioning for activities with heavy weights and the risk of injury.

Therefore, be very careful and do not attempt anything unfamiliar to you and do not attempt any exercise that does not require very precise positioning.

Another disadvantage is that after a while, using the same weight, it will eventually become lighter for you and you will have to buy new weights.

Types of dumbbells

There are 4 main types of dumbbells. They can be fixed or adjustable, the second model is usually a little more expensive. With washers, hexagonal, pool or rope. We will explain each of them to you so that you can better understand the models.

Dumbbells with washers are the most common. They cannot be used in water and are heavy materials normally made of lead and iron.

Hexagonal dumbbells are made of cast iron, may have a rubberized structure and are stronger.

Dumbbells and swimming pools are suitable for use in water, i.e. in swimming pools. Because they are made for this modality, they are not damaged by the use always in water.

Finally, rope dumbbells are used to support the weight of the body during physical activities. It is indicated to reduce the risk of muscular pain, because they help the user to do the exercise with a correct posture.

Purchasing guide: factors to consider

To help you choose the model that best suits your lifestyle and the use you make of it, it is important to consider some important information about them. And when you go to buy your model, even if it’s on the internet, try to analyze the items we will bring you. To analyze whether or not they are of quality, always pay attention: to the shape of the dumbbell, the type of material, the weight chosen, whether it is fixed or adjustable and whether there are kits ready on the market, if so, see how many units come.


Beware of pests if they have round, hexagonal, square or triangular edges. Each of them has specifications for use and research with professionals in the sports field.

Type of material

This is what can make the product more expensive. The most expensive ones can be made of metal, steel, chrome steel, urethane, foam or vinyl because they are more resistant to shocks. Professional models are mostly made of steel at the base. There are other models that may be less expensive, but you should check carefully as they may be of much lower quality.


The weight of dumbbells in most stores can vary from 40 grams to over 20 kilos. Those that weigh less than one kilogram are generally used more by people who are undergoing physiotherapy treatment and cannot really lift weights. Some kits offer all weights from 1 to 20 kilos.

Fixed or adjustable

Always check whether they are fixed or adjustable. Prices also vary according to this feature, being the second most expensive as the weight can be adjustable. This ends up being more interesting, because you can increase the weight according to your performance.


They can be a good saving for you, because buying them all at the same time is much cheaper than buying them one by one. But this is only interesting if you want to gradually increase your weight at home, otherwise it’s just a greater waste of money and space. But you should always look first to see if it will pay off.


To know the value of a dumbbell, we must take into account several factors, such as brand, composition, resistance, among others. In physical stores, for example, you will probably pay about 15% more than in online stores, where you will find products from $20 to $800 per unit. Kits can range from $100 to $4,000.

What are the best dumbbells to buy in 2024?

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We are now going to present you with the options we have separated so that you can compare them and help you at the time of your choice.

Always taking into account the relevant information that we have given you previously, as well as the values that we have found on the Internet.

Don’t forget to check all the items we have mentioned that are important to consider when making your purchase.



1. Pel-Fit24 Dumbbell

The best dumbbell for professionals

The Peregrin PEL-FIT24 dumbbell has been developed for safe and easy imprinting training.

Thanks to its simple and convenient adjustment in small movements, you can gradually increase your strength. A turn of the selector switch allows you to automatically change your resistance from 5 kg to 40 kg.

Doing a complete workout using only weightlifting exercises will generate unique benefits for muscular hypertrophy.

With this model, you can do several exercises such as Stiff, squat, supine, crucifix, pull, unilateral paddling, development, lateral elevation, alternating line, among others.

The weight variations available for this model are: 5 kg/ 7 kg/ 9 kg/ 11 kg/ 13 kg/ 15 kg/ 18 kg/ 20 kg/ 22 kg/ 25 kg/ 27 kg/ 29 kg/ 32 kg/ 34 kg/ 36 kg/ 38 kg/ 40 kg. Its dimensions are: 24 cm high, 24 cm wide and 45 cm long. The elements included are a dumbbell, a support and an instruction manual.



2. Iron dumbbells

More complete dumbbell kit

The iron kit of hexagonal dumbbells ranges from 1 kg to 10 kg, all in pairs, made of cast iron. It is ideal for use in gyms and at home.

Due to the hexagonal format, besides the beauty, it makes it easier to put on, as it doesn’t come out when turning, which offers more safety in use.

It comes with a holder for 10 pairs of dumbbells from 1 kg to 10 kg, with a total capacity of 110 kg. The size of the support is about 1.25 m high, 45 cm long and 50 cm wide.

Made of steel tubes for greater resistance of the whole, the white epoxy paint (powder) makes the product more beautiful and more resistant.

Produced with a Mig weld, ensuring greater resistance to the product, injected plastic finish and rubberized shoes at the base giving greater durability and protecting the floor, for example. The product has been tested with weights to give more security to the customer and the user.


3. Rubber dumbbells

Starter barbell kit

The rubberized dumbbell offers greater comfort and is ideal for performing muscle strengthening exercises for arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists. In addition to being practical, it can be taken anywhere, its rubberized finish gives it a more comfortable imprint.

This model is rubberized in black, the weights available in the kit are 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg and 5 kg. It is mainly indicated for muscle strengthening. All are in pairs. It is guaranteed 90 days against manufacturing defects.


4. The Atlanta Resistance Dumbbells

The best dumbbell for hydrogymnastics

Atlanta Endurance Dumbbells were chosen by our team as the best hydrogymnastic dumbbell. However, it is also indicated for activities such as hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in water.

As it is made of EVA rubber, a light and resistant material, it can be used without any problem in chlorine pools.

Its shaft is rubberized to facilitate the imprint and prevent the device from slipping during sports practice.

Another strong point is that by having its triangular shaped ends, it helps to maintain the exercise tension inside the pool.

Thus, it also helps to ensure that the movement is done in the right way, even reducing the risk of injury and pain.

As for its dimensions, it is 11 cm in diameter and 38 cm long.




We hope that with these tips we have helped you find the best dumbbell model for your workouts. The models that we have mentioned above are those that we believe can suit any type of person and will adapt to your sports routine.

We want to know what you found and how you decided which one to buy. Do you have any other models that you think are ideal for your workouts this quarantine season?

And if you have always trained in gyms and are now trying to fit your exercise program into this time at home, tell us how this transition has gone, whether you have purchased dumbbells to help you, whether you intend to purchase them and what your experience with them has been, we want to read about your experience here in the comments.