Battle rope : best brand comparison by Musklor

On November 27, 2020

Are you a fan of functional training or crossfit and particularly enjoy training with battle ropes? If you want to make your workouts even better, this is the right place to start understanding what you need to pay attention to before buying one of the best crossfit ropes.

Best Battle Ropes in 2024

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Battle rope is a physical activity that serves as an option for people forced to stay at home because of the social isolation we live in because of Covid-19. An excellent option to help relieve stress and stay active, even at home.


Important Factors

To make the right choice, you must first know your level of practice, in order to better understand the characteristics that your rope must have to adapt to your level and thus allow you to perform better.

The main factors that determine your choice are the size, material, weight and type of handle. But there are of course other factors that you can take into account.

Prices are very varied, there are models that can cost less than 100$, but there are also professionals that can cost more than 500$.

Training with the crossfit rope

This rope can provide an excellent workout, full of intensity and with a lot of caloric expenditure. It helps create and strengthen arm muscles and is an excellent aerobic exercise. Simply match the type of rope to your intensity level and play it in your workout.

You can do several exercises, such as wave, polichinelos, simultaneous beating with the strings, circles with the shoulders and many other options. In addition, you can combine the rope with other exercises on a functional circuit at home. The benefits of the rope for your body are enormous and it also helps to reduce stress.

Do not try to use this type of rope in apartments as it will not work. They take up a certain amount of space to be used properly, so think carefully about whether the place where you are going to train contains such a battle rope.

There are also brackets that you can install to use your battle rope, which you can use on the wall or on the floor.

Buying Guide

We will now provide you with relevant information so that you can learn more about crossfit ropes and how to choose your ideal model.

Don’t go shopping thinking that if you choose the most expensive model, you will have the best product for you. There are other, more relevant factors that need to be considered, including your needs and your goal.

What is a battle rope?

The battle ropes discussed in this article are not the type used for nautical purposes, but a type of rope that is very popular in gyms and used in the training of many athletes.

They are mainly used in Functional Training, Crossfit and HIIT. They can be adapted for various strength and endurance exercises. It is a very useful and versatile piece of equipment.

The most common models go up to 16 meters, with diameters that can vary from 1.5 to 2 inches and weight up to 25 kg. So imagine how formations can be pulled with such a rope.

Advantages and disadvantages of training with battle rope

The benefits of training with crossfit ropes are diverse: they help with weight loss, strengthen muscles, improve fitness, balance, motor coordination, increase cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular capacity, and many more.

All the movements performed in this type of workout are very intense, so they greatly strengthen your muscles, providing good conditioning. They also increase the heart rate, increasing calorie expenditure.

As in some exercises, the practitioner must alternate the arms in the movement of the rope, this requires coordination and balance on the part of the user. This will also strengthen the chest.

These types of exercises require a good cardio-respiratory capacity of the athlete, therefore with the frequency of the exercises, the resistance will increase and the breathing will improve and become adequate for the movements and intensity. This also promotes blood circulation in your body, which brings many benefits.

The main advantage of a naval rope is the versatility of the exercises it allows. You can use it for climbing, for physical preparation, in cyclic exercises, and much more.

You can choose several exercises in which crossfit ropes are used, strengthening several muscles of the body, not to mention the caloric expenditure which is very high.

Some models of cords are very flexible. So you can carry them to do your exercises wherever you want, even outdoors, on a beach or in a park.

Of course, you have to be careful, as with any exercise practice. We know that it can be a little expensive for you to get your own rope, but if you think about all the benefits and the time it takes to use the product, it may be worth it. But you need to be sure that the product will be of great use.

And of course, most importantly, don’t do any exercise with battle ropes without first getting professional advice. Because poorly performed exercises can lead to serious health problems for you. Therefore, be very careful before starting your workouts at home.

How to choose?

You already know that your naval rope should be chosen according to your level of practice. Therefore, pay close attention to weight, diameter and size when you buy your own.

The smallest ropes, up to 10 meters, are for beginners. The medium ropes up to 12 meters are for those with an intermediate level. Longer ropes up to 16 meters are for advanced and professional level.

And the bigger the rope, the heavier it will be and therefore your training will be more difficult. It is important to check if the rope you want to buy is equipped with protective gloves, because when it is used folded, they can be worn where they bend and these gloves can be a form of prevention.

It is also important that the ropes have coated cuffs to protect your hands from direct contact with the rope, which can cause injury.

Finally, there are two other factors you should be concerned about. The type of fiber the rope is made of, which can be synthetic or natural, and also whether it is braided or twisted. It looks the same, doesn’t it? But there are important differences between the two types.

Braided ropes are more malleable and therefore softer, but they are also more subject to wear and tear. This type of rope does not disintegrate, so it lasts a long time and is very compact when wound up, so you can keep it where you want it.

Twisted rope is stiffer, but it wears less by friction, so it is a little stronger. But over time, these types of ropes can eventually lose their shape and are more bulky when coiled, so they take up more space.

Consider the above information to determine which rope is best for you. Don’t forget to check the reputation of the product you are considering buying, as well as the manufacturer. The warranty provided by the seller may also be a deciding factor in case of doubt.

What are the best battle ropes?

By knowing more about the main characteristics of battle ropes, you are surely better prepared to choose the ideal model for you and your level of practice. To help you, see below our exclusive list of the main candidates for the best battle ropes for you :

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Vollo Sports 38 mm Battle Rope

Best Battle Rope

Brand: Vollo Sports | Age range: All ages | Color: Black | Material: 100% Polyester | Sports: Fitness | Diameter: 38 mm | Size: 9 meters | Dimensions: 900 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm | Weight: 7.2 kg

The Vollo Sports 38 mm naval rope is the best crossfit rope. Designed to allow you to increase your performance during your crossfit training, even at home. It is made of polyester, is 9 meters long, 38 mm in diameter and has rubberized handles to help you grip it better.

Its color is black and it is a coated rope. The rubberized handles make the rope much easier to use.

AX Sports Crossfit Naval Rope

The most profitable naval rope

Brand : AX Sports | Color : Black | Size : 10 meters | Material : Polyethylene | Diameter : 40 mm | Weight : 8 kg

The Crossfit AX Sports rope is the most cost-effective battle rope. It is widely used to assist in the physical preparation of many athletes in many sports, such as NFL, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and also in gyms and functional training studios, this rope brings many benefits to the user.

The main ones are the high intensity workouts, which strengthen many muscle groups, as they move the whole body and ensure a high caloric expenditure, to help maintain a low percentage of body fat. It is ideal for basic exercises and for keeping balance. It also increases strength by working the muscles of the hand, forearms and arms. Helps coordination and activates primary and secondary muscles.

Battle Rope Training Combat Sports

Best battle training rope

Brand: LiveUp | Color: Black | Size: 11.5 m | Sports: Pilates, fitness, physiotherapy | Material: Polyester | Diameter: 40 mm | Weight: 7 kg

The battle rope Training LiveUp Sports is the best battle rope for training. Ideal for the physical preparation of athletes of different sports, such as NFL, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, as well as in gyms and functional training venues. It is an item that allows training for high intensity exercises that involve many muscle groups and help to move the whole body, in addition to the caloric expenditure.

You can also do this type of workout to reduce your body fat percentage, it also helps stabilize your body, with better balance, in addition to being ideal for basic exercises. This rope is made of black polyester and measures 40 mm in diameter, its weight is 7 kg.

Ropeshop Battle Rope

Inexpensive battle rope

Brand: Ropeshop | Color: Black | Size: Adult | Material: Polyethylene | Diameter: 34 mm | Weight: 500 grams per meter

The Ropeshop battle rope is a cheap crossfit rope. It is a model widely used for the training of professional athletes in various sports and also used in gyms and training centers. It allows several muscle groups to work at the same time and promotes a high caloric expenditure, reducing the percentage of body fat.

This rope can also be used for basic exercises. It strengthens the hands and forearms, which also helps with coordination. The battle rope is in black.

Crossfit Ropeshop Battle Rope

Battle Rope 40 mm of 10 meters

Brand : Ropeshop | Color : Black | Material : Polyethylene | Length : 10 meters | Diameter : 40 mm | Weight : 7,5 kg

The Crossfit Ropeshop Battle Rope is a crossfit rope produced to be perfect for functional training. It is made of a splinter-free material, very comfortable, and is officially used in crossfit and functional competitions. It can be used for high intensity training.

Like other battle ropes, it is designed for a type of training that involves many muscle groups and provides a high caloric expenditure and a decrease in the percentage of fat. It also offers many other benefits to the user. The rope has a protector and is manufactured in black.



Now that you know how to choose the best battle rope, it’s time to go shopping. Be sure to consider the information we’ve covered in this article. That way, it is easier to adapt the model to your needs.

Also make sure you know the models we have brought from the above list with the candidates for the best rope. Some of them will certainly be your ideal model.